Migme - #MusicMigup with Indonesian Idols feat. Steven Lim

Monday, March 02, 2015

Migme - #Musicmigup

Food and music, the two things in this world that can soothe one's soul and mind. Had the opportunity to meet and listen to 3 of the Indonesian Idols at The Stirling Bar & Grill a couple of weeks back!

And Steven Lim was invited..

Evilbean with Steven Lim

I consider it an achievement to have a photo with the infamous Steven Lim, who was one of the contestants in Singapore Idol Season 1. 

Evilbean with Michael Jakarimilena (Micky)

This is Michael Jakarimilena (Micky), who was one of the finalist in Indonesian Idol Season 1!  

Evilbean with Lucky Octavian

And this would be Lucky Octavian (cool name!), another finalist from Indonesian Idol Season 1 as well. The Evilbean is honoured to have a fun shot together with Lucky!

Micky was the first to perform for us:

Michael Jakarimilena in Singapore

Michael Jakarimilena in Singapore 2

Michael Jakarimilena in Singapore 3

Michael Jakarimilena - Indonesian Idol

Next up was Lucky Octavian!

Lucky Octavian - Indonesian Idol

And then an awesome duet together:

Lucky Octavian and Micky - Indonesian Idol Season 1

Our very own Steven Lim then decide to issue a challenge to the Indonesian Idols, and I have captured this awesome moment on video, YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON!

After the PK, we had Rinni Wulandari, who is the Indonesian Idol Season 4 winner, to belt out a song from her upcoming single - Independent Girl.

Rinni Wulandari - Indonesian Idol Season 4

Despite the technical fault halfway through her song, she was unfazed and decided to perform a "Someone Like You by Adele", which was equally awesome! #5evilbeans for the way she handled the situation!

The #MusicMigup ended with a group performance of an Indonesian song together, with Steven Lim as the dancer. 

#MusicMigup with Indonesian Idols feat. Steven Lim

#MusicMigup with Indonesian Idols feat. Steven Lim 2
"Dat face Steven Lim"

Thank you Migme for the invite to the #MusicMigup! If you do not know what Migme is, check out my short comic introduction about Migme here, and if you already have an account, follow me on Migme @evilbeany for more interesting Migme events and updates!

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