DIY Funeral Flower Arrangements

Thursday, January 24, 2019

It can be a comforting gesture to send funeral flowers when someone you know passed away. Knowing that death could possibly happen to anyone, it is best that you are aware of the importance of funeral flowers. It symbolises sympathy and adds a special touch to the memorial. You can use different flowers that you can send to a funeral however people normally choose flowers in light colours.

How to Make Your Own Funeral Flower Arrangements?

Funeral flowers are available in different arrangements. If you will try to visit a website of an online florist, then you can find various arrangements that are presented in different styles and sizes. If you find it expensive to send funeral flowers, then you can consider making your own funeral flower arrangement. Besides, you can look for images or watch videos online on how you can create one while obtaining quality flowers from the best flower shop. Listed below are the popular designs for funeral flowers.

  • Funeral Cross – This funeral arrangement is placed in the funeral area or memorial. You will need plastic containers that will serve as the base of the funeral cross. With the use of glue, you can be able to secure the containers when putting them together. Fill the center with white flowers or try to add different colours of flowers to create an impact.

  • Round Condolence Wreath – There are various ways on how wreaths are displayed like putting them on the casket. You need to prepare round floral foam where you will arrange the flowers. Make sure that you can cover the entire foam by adding filler flowers. Keep your flowers hydrated by soaking the foam.

  • Casket Spray – This funeral arrangement is normally placed on top of the casket. You have to look for a triangular base. With a wire or tape, you have to secure two pieces of floral foam in order to add height to the arrangement. Stick the foam to the container using glue. Cover all the edges with broad leaves. Try to fill in gaps with smaller foliage. Put the focal flowers by starting at the center going from left to right. Make the arrangement attractive by using larger flowers.

It will not be that difficult to make a funeral flower arrangement knowing that you can easily find the materials you need. This can be more meaningful especially if the deceased is someone really close to your heart.

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