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This blog was born on December 13, 2013, when the Evilbean was bored of writing his final year dissertation. Yeah, he got bored of writing in one and decided to write another. Don't ask him why.

Who is Evilbean?

Singapore Blogger - Evilbean Joey Ching How


Name: Joey Ching How aka Evilbean
Areas of Interest: Food, Movies, Travel and Lifestyle

After graduating from National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2014, I decided to continue pursuing the path of being a full-time blogger as writing and coming up with creative content has always been my interest. 

I am thankful for the positive reviews and unwavering support from the awesome people in my life, as well as my silent/loyal readers/followers on this blog and on my various social media platform. The blogging journey is tough and arduous, but I am super grateful for these positive energy from you guys!

Why engage the Evilbean?

1. Social Media Outreach

The Evilbean was invited to be a Seetizen expert, a community platform where local experts from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Philippines recommend the best places to eat, shop, play, learn and give-back in their city. He is also prominently featured in the advertising video of Seeties Singapore here

He is also an invited blogger for migme, a social entertainment platform that reaches 70 million users in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa. This means that Evilbean has an immense social media outreach not just locally but globally.

He is most active on Instagram and as of May 2016, he has more than 11,000 followers.

2. Engaging Blog Posts

As the finalist for the Best Individual Blog 2014 and 2015, the Evilbean puts in a lot of effort to engage his readers with funny and informative blog posts. The Evilbean rating system gives the reader a clear and concise idea of a particular food, movies or product, while at the same time reinforces the "Evilbean" character that differentiates himself from numerous other bloggers. 

Talking Evilbean has received a lot of good comments where people will just want to continue reading, something which is noteworthy given the numerous amount of other blogs available.

3. Premium Impression Space

Brands that the Evilbean endorses or are sponsored by are given the most premium advertising space most coveted by advertisers - the column on the right of the blog.

4. High Credibility: Reader-centric

The Evilbean prides himself as a blogger who writes his review honestly. Even though it is in the interest of the engaged brands to receive favourable reviews, it will ultimately drive off readers of Talking Evilbean, whom he strongly believes are the core and purpose of blogging. 

Therefore, the reviews posted by Evilbean have high credibility as compared to other bloggers who might sugarcoat their reviews to please their brands and sponsors. In the long-term, this is the best practice for this industry and a win-win situation for both the brand and the blogger.

5. SEO-Optimised

You are ensured that your advertisements and campaigns reach your targeted audience with a blog that is highly SEO-optimised and Keywords-optimised. TalkingEvilbean.com is very strong in Travel, Lifestyle (Fashion, Men's Grooming Products) and Food.

Number 1 and 2 Page Rank in Google Search for Keywords:

Travel Entries

- "Cafe in Penang"

- "Hokkaido Must Eat"

Food Review Posts

- "Best Injeolmi Bingsu in Singapore"

- "Samyang Chicken Ramen"

Lifestyle Advertorials

- "Alive Museum Singapore Review"

- "CooperVision Biofinity Lenses Review"

Rest assured that your advertorials and campaigns will not be buried deep in the Google Search engines when you engage the Evilbean.


1. Why 'Evilbean'?

I used to love fairy tales when I was young. There was this particular story which intrigued me the most, which was Jack and the Beanstalk. I was fascinated by how those magical beans could grow overnight. These beans allowed Jack to break out of his poverty and live in riches with those bag of coins, a goose that could lay golden eggs and a magical harp...

No, I am kidding. It's because I am evil and I am a bean.

2. What are your advertorial rates?

Please drop an email to talkingevilbean@gmail.com for my rates card.

3. Why are your posts not labelled as Advertorials or Invited Tasting?

I believe and stay firm in writing honest reviews. Does it mean that I am at a liberty to write raving reviews and give high ratings if my posts are labelled as so? If that is the case, what is the point of readers reading that post? 

Therefore, my reviews and  "Evilbean ratings" are what I truly feel and think about the product/food/event. I try to relate to my readers on a personal level and write in a way that engages them. I write based on what I think readers of Talking Evilbean would be interested in. Untrue statements and long, boring facts are not Evilbean's style.

Update 2016: Although this is what I would want my blog to be, the society and the law will soon require me to label my posts as such. Oh, society. :<

Clienteles and Portfolio of Evilbean (2014-2016)

Media Features:

1. Kinohimitsu Maca Men Video Advertorial:


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The Entertainer

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ParkRoyal Hotels


Giordano Logo  The Comb Hair Salon

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Alive Museum Singapore Trick Eye Museum

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