Contact Lens Review: CooperVision Biofinity Lenses

Monday, August 03, 2015

Contact Lens Review: CooperVision Biofinity Singapore

Make a guess: what is the thing that I put into my eyes as often as I put food into my mouth?

"Contact lenses?"

Bingo smarty!

(Um duh Evilbean. What else can you put into your eyes???!)

I usually have to wear my lenses for at least 4-6 hours almost every day. Being (slightly) vain, I would normally choose to wear coloured contact lens, which, as you might know, are mostly less moist and dries out your eyes faster than normal lenses. 

If you are a frequent contact lens wearer, you would understand how IMPORTANT it is for the lens to be comfortable and moist. If I wear my coloured contant lens for an extended period of time, my eyes would start to feel really dry and they will tend to get red due to the lack of moisture and breathability. That feeling sucks, plus everyone will start commenting why your eyes "look so tired" (although you still feel very hyper inside). I am sure you can relate VERY WELL if you wear contact lenses.

I got the chance to try out this pair of premium contact lenses from CooperVision and OH MY GOD IT SURE FELT GOOD.

CooperVision Biofinity Contact Lenses Singapore

All Biofinity lenses feature the exclusive Aquaform® Comfort Science™. This combination of material technologies provides a uniquely comfortable, high-performance lens that lets the eyes breathe and stay moist naturally. I signed up for their Biofinity Comfort Pack for just $15 (worth $40), which is a package of:

- Free eye examination (this is essential for your own eye safety)
- 1 pair of monthly Biofinity® contact lenses
- Pocket-size vanity mirror
- An eye-care educational brochure

Biofinity Comfort Pack

$15 for a pair of contact lens and an eye examination is TOTALLY WORTH IT. If you are interested already, you can sign up for your own Biofinity Comfort Pack here.

After going through my eye examination (which took like less than 10 minutes), I was told by my optometrist that the Aquaform Technology, a CooperVision technological breakthrough, allows Biofinity lenses to have superb breathability, combined with higher moisture content. 
This keeps you comfortable and your eyes clear, white and healthier. 

What's more, all Biofinity lenses have a smooth, naturally wettable lens surface that resists deposits, so you get incredible comfort and clarity that lasts all day.

Biofinity Contact Lenses Singapore

It took me quite some time to wear them, but when I finally did... wow. My eyes felt like my nose because I could feel my eyes breathing!

Nose as eyes

The best thing? Even after out and about for more than 6 hours, my eyes still felt fresh by the time I reached home; my contact lenses were still MOIST and SOFT in my eyes! And THAT ALONE is good enough for me, because how can I not love soft, comfortable lens that is healthier for my eyes?

Evilbean (Joey Ching How) Singapore Blogger - Biofinity Contact Lens

Biofinity Contact Lens Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):

Don't take my word for it, try on a pair yourself at the trial price of just $15 HERE. Your eyes will love the breathable experience.

To make you fall in love with Biofinity lenses more, you will receive a $18 e-voucher and $36 e-voucher to offset your purchases of 2 or 4 boxes respectively once you have redeemed your trial pack! A value-for-money contact lens range for people that value their pretty eyes. Try it.

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