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Friday, November 21, 2014

llaollao - Best Eating tips
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If you have Instagram (@Evilbean), you must have seen this yogurt popping up on your feed at least twice a day. Is it that good?! Why is everyone posting this on Instagram? If you are wondering what the fuss is all about, or you have walked pass an outlet and called of us crazy for queuing 30 minutes for a yogurt (but secretly, your inner curiosity wants to try), read on.

For those of us who are addicted to it, welcome to the llaoclub! Yes, llaoclub. A new term has been coined by the Evilbean!

Brief info about this Spain frozen yogurt:

1. llaollao is pronounced as "yao yao". As counter-intuitive as it can be, try to pronounce it the correct way so you can sound more 'atas' and look slightly more intelligent to your friends and your dates. Just like how you would want to correctly pronounce Hermès or Louis Vuitton.

2. llaollao's yogurt are made from SKIMMED MILK, which means it is lower in fats! Your belly is rejoicing!

So, you have been wanting to try it, but you are clueless about the dizzying array of options and toppings: "What kind of combination will give me the best taste and the best value of money?" 

Well, that is why you are here. The Evilbean has created a easy, one-glance-and-you-will-remember info-guide on the BEST combinations for llaollao. Take a photo of it, screenshot it, or print it out and pass it to the staff when you order (who will probably give you the wtf look), and I guarantee that you will experience one of the best tasting frozen yogurt in your life!

llaollao Sanum Tips
"Info-guide to ordering the best cup of llaollao!"

Sanum gives you the best bang out of your Singapore dollars because it actually offers you 3 fruits, 1 topping and 1 sauce at only $5.90! The "tub" options are just not worth the money.

The reason for choosing the caramalised cookies topping is that the Lotus cookie crumbles and the yogurt is a match made in heaven: they go perfectly well together! The cereals, nuts and sunflower seeds will not offer you the same kind of heavenly texture as the caramalised cookies.

Although there are quite a number of sauce topping available (I have tried the white chocolate, berry, caramel), chocolate is still the ultimate fail-safe choice for your Sanum. It's also interesting to see it harden on your yogurt.

For the fruits, these are the most expensive ones out of other fruits like Banana and Peach. They are also the most consistent tasting ones unlike fruits like mangoes, strawberries or pineapples, which might sometimes be too sour or too soggy for one's liking. The colourful combination of red (watermelon), green (kiwi) and blue (blueberries) will also make your cup of llaollao stand out from the rest of the other Instagram posts!

SECRET TIP - The #1 tip for the best llaollao:

This is a very important tip, and also one of the main reasons why some people exclaim "NOTHING SPECIAL WHAT". 

Look at the quality of the yogurt! 

"How?", you ask.

Observe those who have already bought the cup of yogurt before you. 

The reason why llaollao is so awesome and so popular is due to its smooth, velvety and creamy texture of the yogurt. The texture should be almost as if someone is sliding a 100% silk cloth back and forth your tongue. THAT SHOULD BE THE TASTE. 

Unfortunately, due to issues I do not know, there are times where the yogurt comes out ICY, as if you are eating the leftover Slurpee from 7-11. If you noticed that the colour of the yogurt is dull and the texture is rough, do not even bother to queue for it. You would be sorely disappointed. Instead, look out for smooth, bright and creamy texture that glistens under the light. That is the true llaollao yogurt quality.

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge on the best combinations, go queue for this cup of yogurt and join the addiction of the llaoclub members in Singapore!

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 - Marina Link, #B1-04 (Marina Square Shopping Mall)
Plaza Singapura, #01-22A
- Singapore Polytechnic (Food Court 3)
- 313 Somerset, #B3-55
- United Square Shopping Mall, #01-K14
-West Mall, #01-K6

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  1. Agreed to the caramelized toppings :) My favourite sauce goes to white chocolate! The dark chocolate hardens after a while and it's difficult to eat it out of the cup/spoon.

    1. YES the caramalised toppings are heavenly! Haha yeap the white chocolate is nice as well!


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