Movie Review - King of Mahjong (麻雀王)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

King of Mahjong (麻雀王) Movie Poster

Had the privilege to attend the worldwide Gala Premier of The Mahjong King on 12 February, held at Resorts World Sentosa. Can I just say Venus Wong and Cheronna Ng are SUPER PRETTY IN REAL LIFE? I am star-struck!

Gala Premier - The Mahjong King 4

Gala Premier - The Mahjong King

Gala Premier - The Mahjong King 1

Gala Premier - The Mahjong King 2
"The way Dennis Chew laughs can seriously be a new Meme"

The interaction between the casts left the 2000+ strong crowd in the theater in fits of laughter. They were poking fun at Adrian Teh, who got the Facebook and Instagram of the female casts but not Mark Lee and Chapman To. Well, to be honest, if I were him, I don't really want to follow and see Mark Lee's selfies on Instagram as well. 

King of Mahjong (麻雀王) Movie Stills
"How come we use the same brand of toothpaste, but his teeth like whiter?!"

Movie Title - King of Mahjong (麻雀王)

(大三元! My favourite winning combination in Mahjong! )

Synopsis: The plot is actually quite clichéd - 2 disciples trained under the same Mahjong Shifu, and the final test is a Mahjong showdown between them. Of course, one emerged the winner (Chapman To), and the loser (Mark Lee) bears the grudge for many years. 

The loser then decides to hone and prove his Mahjong skills by challenging all the top Mahjong players around the world. With enough wins to boost his ego and confidence, Wong Ting Ba/Ah Soon (played by Mark Lee) lays the 挑战书 (challenge) on Ah Fatt (played by Chapman To) for a rematch.

The Mahjong King - Mark Lee and Chapman To

One is the typical good guy, another is the annoying, egoistic bad guy. Guess who eventually won?

Review: Although the story plot is typical, the humour and comedic moments as a result of a strong ensemble of international comedians makes up for it. Stars like Eric Tsang, Mimi Chu and Michelle Ye provides the audience with laughter through their solid acting, while the numerous cameos, including the cute Hayley and Jayley sisters, makes us anticipate as to who is coming on screen next. 

The strong point of this film are the scenes with Chapman To and his on-screen daughter Venus Wong (SO PRETTY!). Their conversations are entirely in Cantonese, which gives this local film a classy touch of Hongkong feel. The scenes with Chapman To are also LOL funny, especially when he maintains a poker face while delivering the joke punchlines. My eyes lit up whenever he comes on screen - he has this funny charisma that can only come with his years of experience as a comedian. 

Whereas for Mark Lee, his character is the stereotypical flashy-beng with an inferiority complex, which he compensates with his loud dress sense and a super annoying laughter which makes you cringe after awhile. His character makes Ah Fatt (Chapman To) shines even more with his lovable, down to earth character. 

There was this one particular part on the introduction and history of Mahjong which dragged on for awhile, but otherwise, the pacing of the plot is still okay. The battle of Mahjong wits is refreshing for a local gambling movie, and the final showdown between the 2 King of Mahjong does not disappoint. It also drives home the message that Mahjong should not be treated as a gambling tool, but as an social activity that bonds people, friends, and family together. 

This is definitely a movie that you should watch together with your loved ones as well as your usual "Mahjong Kakis" during this CNY period. Amusing, heartwarming and a star-studded cast makes King of Mahjong (麻雀王) worth tearing up 2-3 of your angbaos to watch it! 

This movie also makes me want to play Viwawa again. Who is up for a round of Mahjong with the King of Beans?

Stay back for: Some CNY greetings from the cast and the revelation of the "secret Kungfu" that is talked about in the film.

Fun fact: Chapman To, who plays the first ever King of Mahjong in the film, does not know anything about Mahjong! WHAT?! 

Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):


Thank you Clover Films for the GALA tickets to The Mahjong King! Do like their Facebook page for the latest movie previews and contest giveaways! For everyone that has supported my blog for the past year, thank you so much! I will work even harder this year to bring you guys more entertaining food, movie and lifestyle reviews! 

Evilbean 在这里祝你们: 羊年快乐! 心想事成!

Goat Year Greetings

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