Chinatown Food Street - Perfect Place for Late Night Supper and Yu Sheng!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Chinatown Food Street - Late Night Supper

Sometimes, you lay in your bed at 12am while scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook. And then, suddenly, a photo of Yu Sheng pops up on your screen. Something like this:

Yu Sheng at Chinatown Food Street

Yu Sheng at Chinatown Food Street messy

This is when you realise: "OH MY GOD I HAVEN'T LO HEI YET! I NEED MY LUCKKKK!" 

Johnny Depp Panic

"Lau Yu Sheng" (捞魚生, Lo Hei in Cantonese) is a Chinese New Year culture whereby we believe that tossing Yu Sheng will bring us a year of good fortune and wealth. But at midnight, where can you go for Yu Sheng with your friends and family? 

Oh wow you already knew where to go?! So smart! 

(Erm duh Evilbean, your blog title is Chinatown Food Street right?)

Yes, from now till 18 Feb, Chinatown Food Street will be opened until 2am for supper. Yu Sheng will be offered in 2 sizes, the small one at $28 and the big one at $38. Not only do you get to toss to a year of good fortune, you will also be dazzled by the festive decorations and the unrelenting 果冻 (jelly) sellers who shoves their jelly into your hands and tell you to "Mai paiseh, jiak!" (I won't judge you, just eat my free jellies). But in the end you feel paiseh and buy from them. Such skills.

A total of 24 hawker stalls will be opened till 2am, selling familiar traditional local delights as well as modern cuisines. Taking the form of street carts, it is a reminiscent of yesteryear
Chinatown, something we can only see in Channel 8 dramas. The best thing about this is that you get to see the hawker preparing your food right in front of your eyes!

Chinatown Food Street - Preparation of Food

There is really a huge variety of food to choose from, ranging from Chicken Rice to Kueh Pie Tee to Beef Noodles!

Chinatown Food Street - Pork Fried Rice

Chinatown Food Street - Kueh Pie Tee

Chinatown Food Street - Spicy Beef Brisket Noodle

Chinatown Food Street

Chinatown Food Street Spread

And here's the full list of the 24 hawker stalls and the numerous different local dishes you can expect to see at Chinatown Food Street:

Chinatown Food Street Hawker Stalls
 Chinatown Food Street Hawker Stalls 2

Another reason why you should head down to Chinatown Food Street now: From 13 Feb to 3 March, spend $10 in a single receipt at Chinatown Food Street and get a 20% discount voucher off Trick Eye Museum admission tickets*! If you have seen the amount of fun I had in my Trick Eye Museum post and have been wanting to go, this is the BEST TIME already!

*T&Cs apply: Voucher is valid until 31 March 2015 only.

With a full stomach from the Yu Sheng and supper, it is advisable to take a walk through the streets to look for some CNY goodies, or you can join in activities such as lighting of sparklers as well as other games to burn off some of the calories. (If not, you might not be able to fit into that S-sized clothes you just bought for CNY Day 1).

The trip to Chinatown Food Street will be worth it, trust me. You will come home with a full stomach, hands full of CNY goodies, and a year full of good luck from the Lo Hei. With just few more days to go, it's time to head down to Chinatown Food Street with your friends and families and soak in the CNY atmosphere!

Chinatown Food Street Firecrackers

Thank you Rachel and Chinatown Food Street for the invite as well as my very first angbaos for the year! 

Evilbean with angbaos

恭喜发财 everyone!

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