MEDZS Bistro & Bar (Raffles Place) - New Breakfast Menu!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

MEDZS Bistro & Bar (Raffles Place)

There are some things in life which are unplanned, but when it happens it gives you the greatest surprise. NO I AM NOT PREGNANT. 

I am talking about unexpectedly having one of the best rainbow cake in Singapore at MEDZS Bistro & Bar! 

8 Days - MEDZS Bistro and Bar Rainbow Cake

Well, before I get to the desserts, let's start with the brand new breakfast offering from MEDZS! From 8am to 11am daily, MEDZS will be offering a extensive breakfast menu that boasts artisan sandwiches, French bread pizzas and homemade sandwiches. 

We should all know about the grave importance of breakfast. Breakfast provides us with the much needed energy to reply those 100+ emails and sit through boring, redundant meetings. Located just 100 steps away from Raffles Place MRT Startion (Exit A), office workers now have a good place to treat themselves to a hearty breakfast with semi-alfresco scenery before the start of a grueling workday. 

Scramble Eggs with Chicken Sausage, Mushroom and Bacon ($5.90)

Scramble Eggs with Chicken Sausage, Mushroom and Bacon

Egg White Scramble with Smoked Salmon Gravlax ($4.90)

Egg White Scramble with Smoked Salmon Gravlax

Out of these 2, I preferred the scramble eggs rather than the egg white scramble. The egg white scramble tasted too "healthy" for me. However, if you are on a diet, this is an excellent healthier breakfast choice! 

Artisan Sandwiches & Baguette

Artisan Sandwiches & Baguette - MEDZS Bistro & Bar

There are four different Artisan Sandwiches & Baguettes to choose from:

1. Laugen Brotchen with Pork Bierschinken & Red Cheddar Cheese (German) - $11.90

2. Beef Pastrami with Rustic Baguette (French) - $12.90

3. Olive Ciabatta with Prosciutto & Veal Paprika Lyoner Ham (Italian) - $12.90

4. Italian Panini Bread with Tomato Capresse & Buffalo Mozzarella (Italian) - $12.90

These artisan sandwiches are made using German, French and Italian breads with generous stuffing of cured meat. The process of curing meats involves smoking and the addition of a combination of salt, nitrates or sugar. I felt that the meat was too salty, as though I was eating Dead Sea sandwiched between the baguettes. It would have been better if there were some spices or other condiments to counteract the saltiness from the cured meats. 

French Bread Pizza - Stone Oven Olive Bread (Traditional) in a French Pizza Style

French Bread Pizza - MEDZS Bistro & Bar

This picture only shows the tasting portion for us. Actual size is a full pan of pizza! Pictured are:

1. Stuffed Cheesy Pull-apart Bread with Parsley & Basil - $9.90
2. Magherita (Buffolo Mozzarella Cheese, Tomato & Basil) - $12.90
3. Pesto Herbs & White Mushroom Cream - $12.90
4. Al Fruiti De Mare (Prawn, Tuna & Crab) - $13.90

I really liked the Al Fruiti De Mare. The medley of prawn, tuna and crab on a French Bread base was delightful! 

Viennoiserie Mini Croissants (Cold Display)

Viennoiserie Mini Croissants - MEDZS Bistro & Bar

Turkish-spiced Chicken

There are a total of 7 mini croissants on their menu, but we only tried 3 that day:

1. Lemonade Crab Meat Mayo - $4.90
2. Pork Ham & Cheese - $3.90
3. Turkish-spiced Chicken - $3.90

The Turkish-spiced chicken croissant is really good! The chicken was flavourfully marinated and the pairing of the greens gives the croissant a refreshingly spicy jolt - exactly what every office workers need every morning!

And fret not if you are in a hurry and could not dine in, because MEDZS offers takeaway as well! What's more, from now till March 31, there is a SUPER, WHOPPING, 50% discount on all takeaways on display! That is just insane, and a deal which will leave you pounding on your heart if you missed this.

MEDZS Takeaway 50% Discount
If you thought that was all, you are in for another surprise. 

MEDZS Coffee

YES, from now till 31 March 2015 as well, every breakfast order (dine in or takeaway) comes with a FREE COFFEE! What is breakfast without coffee, right?

And now, the surprise that I was talking about at the start: MEDZS Rainbow Cake!

This is seriously one of the better rainbow cakes out of the ones I have tasted. I was told that their rainbow cake is always sold out in the afternoons. 

With an extensive breakfast menu at (very) affordable prices and an intimate and cosy space that exudes a vintage charm, it's time to wake up slightly earlier and have a breakfast at MEDZS Bistro & Bar which will fuel you throughout the day! (And maybe also "dabao" the rainbow cake to delight that cute office crush you have, remember to take only one fork so you can, ah-hem, share the same fork while eating with her. #brotips)

(P.S: Or dabao for your lady boss. Sure win her heart)

MEDZS Bistro & Bar

MEDZS Bistro & Bar
Clifford Centre, #01-01 Singapore 
Nearest MRT line: Raffles Place
Tel: +65 6536 1917
Opening Hours: 

Mon - Thu: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
Fri: 8:00 am - 11:00 pm
Sat: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
Closed on Sunday

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