Movie Review - Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

If you have absolutely no idea what Jackass is, you are not alone. It was only after I got to know about this upcoming movie that made me Google about Jackass. Apparently, Jackass has been around for almost 14 years! 

It is a MTV reality TV that is similar to Just for Laughs, where they go around playing pranks on people and giving them heart attacks, while we sadistic human beings laugh at their shocked/scared reactions. Jackass has a few movies under this franchise, but this particular one caught my interest mainly because this has a STORY PLOT. Interesting... or is it?


Movie Title - Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Genre: (Yeap, Johnny Knoxville gets his own genre)

Synopsis: You really got to watch the movie trailer for the synopsis of this movie. This is by far the most hilarious trailer I have seen this year!

So basically, this movie is a myriad of pranks on REAL PEOPLE. But they managed to weave a story behind all these pranks with a very simple plot - the Grandpa has to take his grandson back to his father, because his mom is going to jail. 

Why is the title BAD grandpa then? Well, it is because Grandma just passed away and Grandpa is HAPPY that he is finally FREE. LOL, you heard that right. There is a scene where the nurse reveals to him that his wife is dead and he rejoices, to the bewilderment of the people around him. "Finally," he said, "and I thought that she would never die!" #laughdieme

And thus, bad grandpa begins the road trip with his grandson to take him to his dad.

Review: The star of this movie is the 8 year-old grandson Billy, stared by the talented and incredibly cute Jackson Nicoll. You will gush at how cute he is when you see him in the beauty pageant, and then laugh REALLY REALLY hard when you see him parading the stage with his little sailor dress. Trust me, you will fall in love with him after watching this movie. He is honestly cuter than Edward Cullen.

Johnny Knoxville plays the obnoxious, horny grandpa and his antics are more atrocious - there is one where he tries to make love to the hole in a vending machine, and then got his precious STUCK. The look and reaction from the unsuspecting people are PRICELESS! Seriously though, would you go and help out a poor old man if his private is stuck onto something for whatever reason? Will anyone help him? (I might...... I think. Weird though. But you never know you might get your ding-dongs stuck onto something someday. Karma yo.)

Obviously, the jokes in this movie are not for the easily offended. Also, there are also some dull moments where the pranks tried too hard to be funny - like the scene in the Bingo Room. I almost fell asleep and wished for that prank to be over soon. 

Due to the numerous references to the males' privates, the ladies might find the jokes and pranks in this movie crude and unfunny. So guys, just go watch this with your army buddies. 

Stay back for: Hilarious hilarious behind-the-scenes like how they created the props for the pranks, how they reveal to the people that they are actually filming for a movie, and other pranks that did not make it to the main storyboard. The post-credits scenes deserve a 5/5 Evilbeans rating on its own!

Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):

  (3 for guys)

  (2 for ladies)

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