Food Review - Le Chocolat Cafe

Monday, January 06, 2014

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Food Review - Le Chocolat Cafe

The rainbow cake in Le Chocolat cafe is highly raved by other cafe-hoppers on Hungrygowhere. In fact, the "profile picture" of this cafe is the rainbow cake on hungrygowhere.

I was like "WHUTTTT, rainbow cakes can't taste nice". All along, I had thought rainbow cake to be a mystifying dessert, where its SOLE PURPOSE ON THIS EARTH IS TO...

Beautify people.

Yeap. If rainbow cake is a pokemon card, it would look like this:

THE RAINBOW POWER - where it increases a human's attractiveness when a photo is taken with it. Don't believe? Look at this following example. This is me WITHOUT a rainbow cake:

I look like shit and you are probably wondering WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR FACE!? Now look at this photo with the RAINBOW POWER:

SEE! MY ATTRACTIVENESS just went up! ADMIT IT, I LOOK CUTE NOW. #rainbowpower

Besides, it is hard for rainbow cakes to taste nice with so many food colourings in it. I have not tasted a yummy rainbow cake yet so I was eager to try out this highly raved rainbow cake!

Rainbow Cake & Latte combo ($11)

The rainbow cake is a butter sponge, layered with butter cream coated with chocolate. I have not seen any other cafes drizzle their rainbow cake with chocolate so it definitely looked awesomely delicious. 

But.. it's hard for a "rainbow cake to change its' spots". A mouthful of colouring and sweet cream explodes in your mouth, making you gulp your glass of ice-water with every bite. It's like, all rainbow cakes taste the same, no matter which cafe you go to. As I said, they exist in this world purely because of #rainbowpower. So remember to snap lots of photos when you order this cake - you paid for its' #rainbowpower.

Layered Chocolate Cake ($6.50) and Strawberry To-Fu ($5) 

The Layered Chocolate Cake consists of white & milk chocolate mousse, sponge cake, crunchy base. The moose on the chocolate cake was okay and the base was not crunchy at all. 

The Strawberry To-Fu consists of light sabayon strawberry mousse, vanilla chiffon sponge, strawberry marmalade. It was interesting as the texture was soft and light, and it was good when paired with the chocolate. Nothing spectacular though.

Crab & Herb Roll ($17)

This is a blue swimmer crab, tossed with fresh herbs, citrus mayo dressing, fries. THUMBS UP for this! The crab filling in the roll was FILLED to the brim (#auntiebean) and the crab meat tasted very nice together with the wrap. The fries were also crispy and hot without being too oily so it was really well done! If you are heading here for a lunch, ORDER THIS. Ask for Tabasco sauce to give the crab roll an extra kick in the taste!  

Le Chocolat Cafe encourages their customers to linger in the cafe through its' setting - a TV and copies of the Straits Time are provided. The alfresco area are highly sought after by people as the spot is an excellent place to people-watch. However, their desserts are just average when compared to numerous other cafes around the area. 

Cafe Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):


Evilbean's last words/recommendation:
- A laid-back cafe to while your day away
- MUST-ORDER: Rainbow Cake (#RAINBOWPOWER), Crab & Herb Roll

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