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Monday, November 10, 2014

Hatter Street - Singapore Cafe

"You gotta eat waffles. Waffles.. You gotta eat. Waffles. Waffles."

From the corner of my brain, someone, or something, kept chanting this line in my head. Somehow, I could not shake it off. 

I took out my iPhone from my pocket and realised that time is ticking away. So, I rushed out of my house and found myself falling deep into the underground train station.

Stations after stations. I wondered where my urge would take me. Suddenly, with a series of loud melodic chimes, I heard "Kovan Station", and my train ride was over.

I looked around me, but there were two escalators. Just as I was fretting which way to go, the voice in my head came back again: "This way to waffles. Crispy waffles."

The voice led me into a long passageway. From afar, I could make out a bright pink circle logo with words that said "Hatter Street". Out of nowhere, a three-legged table materialised in front of me, and on top of the table was a little bottle. Round the neck of the bottle was a paper label, with the words `DRINK ME' beautifully printed on it. Without giving it any second thought, I finished it.

And then BOOM. I was sitting at Hatter Street.

Drink Me Potion - Alice in Wonderland

("Evilbean's Adventure in Hatter Street". Adapted from Chapter 1 of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll)

If you are wondering why suddenly this Evilbean adapts a story from Alice in Wonderland for his cafe review, that is because the concept of Hatter Street is actually based on this 1865 novel by Lewis Carroll! 

The cafe is intricately designed with lots of quirky little props, paintings and furniture which appeared in the novel as well as the 2010 movie adaptation by Tim Burton. Even some of their food are Alice-in-wonderland-themed, so, in actual fact, Hatter Street is one of the very few "theme-cafes" in Singapore! Will they score high #evilbeans on their food as well?

Iced Latte ($5.50)

Hatter Street - Iced Latte

Just like the picture, the latte should reflect and self-examine by facing the wall, because it was quite bad. The milk wasn't creamy enough and the coffee taste was too diluted, making it feel like I was drinking ice-water with a dash of coffee powder. 

Macarons (2 for $5), 
It's so Kumquat tart ($6)

Hatter Street - Macarons and Kumquat Tart

I like my macarons crispy or at least chewy. Seduced by the cute Halloween designs, the Evilbean bought 2 of these. Alas, the macaron shells crumbled like a sandcastle on the first bite, which was very unsatisfying. 

The kumquat tart was very tangy, and the tart base was super crispy. Definitely a good "appetiser" to start with, that is, if you are like me - I usually eat the desserts first then the mains. I find that desserts open up my appetite!

Pandan Ice-Cream with Gula Melaka Waffles ($8.90)

Pandan Ice-cream with Gula Melaka sauce Waffles

You can always read my insta-reviews first-hand on my Instagram (@Evilbean), because I usually take a week or two to write out the blog review. This is Hatter's Waffles that is served with pandan ice-cream and gula melaka sauce. 





First off, the waffle batter is colourful, which further solidifies the "Alice-in-wonderland" concept of this cafe, because I have never seen a rainbow waffle. Second, the Evilbean really liked the way Hatter Street drizzled the Gula Melaka sauce - it has a very abstract, art-y feel, which makes it very Instagram-worthy. 

The addition of blueberries was also a very nice touch as it helps to make the waffle less "gelat". As for the pandan ice-cream, it sounded interesting but the pandan flavour didn't come out strong enough to make you go like "OH WOW PANDAN ICE-CREAM". I gave this waffle a #4evilbeans on my Instagram-reviewIf the ice-cream was Creamier/Sunday Folks kind of texture and taste, this pretty looking waffles would have been a solid #5evilbeans!

Overall, the Alice-in-Wonderland design of the cafe is very interesting and makes Hatter Street stands out out of thousands of cafe in Singapore right now. As long as they maintain the quality of their crispy waffles and work to improve on their coffee, Hatter Street will continue to draw in curious cafe-hoppers and waffle-lovers!

Cafe Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):

Evilbean's last words/recommendation:
- Intricate "Alice in Wonderland" cafe concept and a magical Gula Melaka Waffles make this cafe the #1 choice to have your waffle-craving fix! 
- MUST-ORDER: Pandan Ice-Cream with Gula Melaka Waffles

Hatter Street Cafe Singapore

Hatter Street

212 Hougang Street 21, #01-333 
Singapore 530212
Nearest MRT line: Kovan Station
Tel: +65 6287 8880
Opening Hours: 

Tues - Sun: 1:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Closed on Mondays

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