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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Big Hero 6 Movie Poster

Now into its sixth sequel, Big Hero 6 is a Marvel film released via Walt Disney Animation Studios. It is based on a Marvel Comic of the same name, but it is a Disney film. If you are confused, so am I. 

To make your confusion worse, I was kidding about Big Hero 6 being the 6th sequel. There is no Big Hero 5 or Big Hero 4. And the whole film is based in a city called "Sans Franskoyo". Not Sans Francisco, not Tokyo. Sans Franskoyo. 

You may now proceed to restart your brain.

Big Hero 6 Movie Still
"What are you doing human? Please stop poking me there. STAHP!"

Movie Title - Big Hero 6


Synopsis: A film about a gifted, nerdy boy and a personal healthcare robot. The nerd Hiro wants to spend his life fighting robots, because he thought he already knew everything and there is nothing else he can learn in school. Until his bro took him to the Sans Fransokyo Institute of Technology lab. Amazed by the number of nerds, and realising that he could totally fit in with his gifts on technology, he aspired to get into the school.

But of course, like reality, if you want to go to a college, you have to show what you are capable of. In this case, Hiro has to impress the professors in the institute in a science-technology fair where aspiring students exhibit their creations. Everything went well until something happened..

Distraught, Hiro and Baymax (the marshmallow robot which his brother created) embarked on a quest to find out the truth.

Review: As I have mentioned before in my Frozen (2013) movie review, the awesome thing about Disney's movies is that you get to watch 2 movies for the price of one! 

As with their tradition, an animated short is presented before the actual movie and for Big Hero 6, the short named "Feast" is the directorial debut for Patrick Osborne, who was the animation supervisor for the short "Paperman", which was shown before Wreck-It Ralph.

"Feast" is a touching story of a man's love life, seen through the eyes of a cute dog who loves to eat. Seriously, you should always be EARLY for Disney movies because their shorts are always heartwarming and it would be a great loss if you miss the short. And it would not feel like a Disney movie unless you hear that familiar Mickey whistle that tune behind the ship wheel.

Mickey Whistle

You know the movie will be awesome, when it starts off with an epic robot fight that introduces the main character, Hiro, with his robot that looks non-threatening, but is in fact coded with sick abilities. 

And then it gets even better when we were shown the robotics lab... WHOOO NERD PARADISE! I have always liked futuristic technologies, and that lab was satisfying! 

The storyline was also packed with:

1. Actions

Car chase scenes, fighting scenes, robotic scenes. These scenes are paired with impressive music scores that builds up tension and keeps you glued to the screen with your accelerating heartbeat.

2. Laughters

Big Hero 6 exploits the cuteness, or more appropriately, the dumbness of Baymax, which is the big white huggable robot you see on the posters. His antics and awkward moments will make you laugh your lungs out.

3. Twists and Easter Eggs

Just when you are expecting something to happen, another thing happens. This is the essence of a good movie - keeping the audience interested with surprises. The creators of Big Hero 6 not only gave us plot twists, they also littered the scenes with lots of easter eggs from other Disney films. 

For example, in the police station, there is a wanted sign of Hans that can be found on the wall in the police officer's office on the left. Yes, Hans from Frozen who wanted to kill Elsa and Anna! Hiro also has a figure of Wreck-It Ralph on his computer screen. You can totally impress your date when you point the easter eggs out to her/him!

Overall, Big Hero 6 is another Oscar-worthy film with its imaginative rendering of the futuristic Sans Fransokyo (A creative combination of Sans Francisco and Tokyo) and a heartwarming portrayal of brotherly love, robotic love, family and friendship. 

Stay back for: Did I mention this is a Marvel film as well? And if you have been keeping up with my movie reviews, you would know that ONE SHOULD NEVER LEAVE THE CINEMA when it's a MARVEL film right? Sit through the credits, laugh at the people leaving the theatre and watch the secret ending credits! 

*** End-credits spoiler ***

The ending credits features an animated version of Stan Lee, the godfather of Marvel comics. According to, the special cameo of Stan Lee was kept a secret from everyone involved in the production, except for a very small team sworn to secrecy. At 91 years old, they were worried as the recording booth was up a flight of stairs, but when he got there, he hopped out of the car and almost ran up the stairs!

Although the ending credits of a Marvel film is usually part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Big Hero 6 will not be part of the MCU and will be in a standalone universe.

*** End of spoiler ***

Fun fact: If you were paying attention to the credits, you would have noticed that they thanked some association for gifted children. The personality of Hiro must have been based on some of the gifted children! 

Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):


I am loving this Disney-Marvelian-hybrid, because I am treated to an animated short before the movie starts, and I get to have some fun after credits when the movie ends! MORE HYBRIDS PLEASE.

Big Hero 6 - Baymax with Evilbean
"I can haz my personal healthcare robot too!"

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