Discount Codes/ Promotions

Discount Codes/ Promotions

This page is for those times when you go: "CUT THE CRAP EVILBEAN, JUST GIVE ME THE DISCOUNT CODES!"

So here they are, discount codes and promotions that are ongoing on my blog, all collated in one page for your shopping pleasure sir/mdm! 

(Click on respective image to go to the website!)

1. Lifestyle -  Bellezza Aesthetics (Quote "Evilbean" to enjoy a Skin Resurfacing treatment at only $28 [U.P $268] including a Skin Analysis Scan.)

Bellezza Aesthetics Promo Code - Evilbean

2. Skincare - Dekke Hud Skincare (Quote "Evilbean20" and receive 20% off Dekke Hud's products!)

Dekke Hud Skincare Promo Code - Evilbean20

3. Backpack - Gaston Luga (Quote "evilbean15" to receive 15% off Gaston Luga's backpacks!)

Gaston Luga Promo Code - evilbean15

4. Earphones - Sudio (Quote "evilbean15" to receive 15% off!)

Sudio Earphones Promo Code - evilbean15

5. Hotels/Staycation - Furama City Centre Hotel (Quote "evilbean" to enjoy 25% off Flexi!)

Furama City Centre Hotel Promo Code - evilbean

6. Food Delivery - UberEATS Singapore Promo Code (Enter "eats-joeyc5484ue" for $3 off!)

Ubereats Singapore Promo Code - eats-joeyc5484ue

7. Private-hire Cars: 
- Singapore Uber Promo Code: "joeyc5484ue"

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