5+(1 secret) tips to MAXIMISING your movie experience!

Monday, January 13, 2014

I am not joking when I said that I have probably spent a few THOUSANDS on movies throughout my entire life. The Evilbean is a movie fanatic, which is why GV, Shaw and Cathay love me. They do, really! (Probably just my money though)

With movie prices getting more expensive, it is essential for everyone of us to get the BEST BANG out of our bucks isn't it! After accumulating all these years of movie experience, I shall now impart all these valuable and RARE tips and tricks on how to maximise your movie experience... to all the readers of Talkingevilbean! Trust me, you have never EVER seen such an awesome list like this before.

"Hi, I am George Clooney and I love to swim in popcorns"

1. Movie Ticket Pricing

Few weeks ago, an awesome guy named Soh Zi Haur tabulated all the movie pricing under one roof and shared it to all of us. If you are Patrick Star (live under the rock), here is the ultimate cheat sheet from our fellow Asian. #ASIANSFTW

"Cathay Pricing Sheet"

"GV Pricing Sheet"

"Shaw Pricing Sheet"

"Filmgarde Pricing Sheet"

For an updated guide of the cheat sheet, visit this Google Document. Alternatively, if you are buying from the box office, just ask the staff "HELLO WHAT IS THE CHEAPEST AR?".

2. Go for GVmax (Golden Village)

Always, always check whether the movie you want to see is showing at GVmax. If you do not know, GVmax is equipped with the LARGEST SCREEN in Asia, and the legroom in this hall is absolutely Business Class. You don't even have to tuck your legs in for people to walk past you! 

And, you get all these AT THE SAME PRICE as a normal cinema hall. There is no better place than watching action movies here! CHEAP AND GOOD! #auntiebean

3. Empty Bladders/Bowels before Movies

This. I cannot emphasise on this enough. Firstly, going to the washroom in the middle of the movie not only disrupts your viewing pleasure, that few seconds where your head appears on the screen annoys the crap out of EVERYONE BEHIND YOU. 

Secondly, if you decide to be more civic-minded and hold it in, you will totally not be able to enjoy the movie at all. Any kissing scene that lasts more than 1 second will make you feel extremely irritated, while other girls are gushing and palpitating at the hot male lead. And I feel that it is really unfair to the actors and actresses when you start commenting on how much the movie sucked or how the story plot was too slow etc, when the problem wasn't exactly them but your bladder.

It isn't that hard to just go to the restroom before your movies. Even if you feel like you have no pee, just go drip some out. Empty them thoroughly. You will enjoy the movie much, much better.

4. Check for Post-Credits Scenes

This is where Evilbean comes into play. Under all my movie reviews, there will be this section called "Stay back for". Always look at this section so that you will not miss out anything from the movie! A post-credits scene helps to maximise your movie experience because sometimes, you might feel that you are not really satisfied with the ending of this movie, maybe because it was too abrupt. 

These snippets of footage rewards you for your patience in waiting for the credits to end. In return, you will get some sort of closure after watching the post-credits scene. Sometimes, the post credits scene are fun, or NGs or behind-the-scene. 

Sometimes they offer a glimpse of the next sequel and sometimes, they reveal some information that is totally unexpected. In short, post-credits scenes are often a treat! Therefore, always do a little homework just before you enter the cinema by checking whether or not you should stay back for the post-credits!

5. Theatre Audience

One little known tip is that the people that are in the cinema with you can sometimes help to make the movie just a little better! What do I mean?

On some occasions, you and a friend might be watching the same comedy and you found it funnier. WHY? 

This might be due to the fact that you watched it in a cinema hall that was full of people laughing! This is why canned laughter are still used in TV shows like How I Met Your Mother and Running Man! It is proven that people just find it funnier when there are people laughing with them. 

I often try to watch animation films like Frozen or Despicable Me in family-friendly timeslots like 7pm because these are the timings where parents like to bring their kids along for movie nights. Those infectious kids' laughter at the minions or Olaf the snowman will always help to boost the movie's atmosphere, thereby enhancing your movie experience!

These are the general guidelines:

Animation and comedy - watch in a theatre that is full so that the laughter will rub off you.

Musical and thriller - watch it in a half empty theatre so that there are not as much noises to disrupt the song or the suspense.

Horror - watch in a theatre that is nearly empty to get that sense of aloneness. 

6. (*SECRET TIP*) Seat Placement

Most people generally know that the best seats in the cinema are usually in the center. But are the centre seats REALLY the best? Do you really know the G-spots? (G-spots as in GREAT SPOTS.)

Take this little test and see whether you know the absolute G-spots of the theatre. (This is Cinema Hall 10 in GV Vivocity)

Simply trace your finger on where you think the best seats are. Go ahead, run your finger along your screen and gently caress all the g-spots you *think* you know.


You should probably get 90% correct. These are the optimum seats for the best view and best sound. Think you know now? Try this one (This is GVMax in Vivocity):

Confident in your G-spots now? Let's see the answer.


Surprised at the answer? You might be asking now: "Why aren't the 2 rows at the back of the hall the BEST seats?" Now let Evilbean tell you the G-spot factors of a cinema hall.

- Rule of thumb: Always count the number of rows available in the hall - 2/3 towards the back of the theatre are the great spots.

Consider the hall size. If the hall size is relatively small, the back rows are wonderful. However, if your movie is in a HUMONGOUS cinema hall like GVmax or IMAX, the back rows actually reduces the viewing pleasure because you are too far back from the screen! 

Now you know the G-spots. FINALLY you can get the utmost pleasure! (Why does all these sound so wrong?)

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