Food (Snack) Review - Blink Mints

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Awhile ago, I was browsing through blogs when I saw Bongqiuqiu and Peishi blog about the Blink mints.

Wooahhhh! You just gotta admire their professionalism. They changed into FIVE DIFFERENT OUTFITS just to match with the designs on the box. Just to steal some photos from them for illustration (and to beautify my blog HEH):

Peishi 01 

Peishi 02

Qiuqiu 01


I get it if this was a professional advertisement shoot, then changing outfits is normal. But I believe that this was just the advertisers sending them the product, and asking them to blog about it.. at home. Seriously. Wow. I would be too lazy to even change my underwear once.

Anyways, I happened to chance upon these mints while looking for chocolates to buy in Watsons, so I bought 2 of the most appealing flavors: Mango-Passionfruit and Peach-Berry. How many evilbeans will I give them? Will Peishi's and Qiuqiu's face save them?

Before that though.. if I had to do the advert......


Mints are important. In fact, ever since mints were invented, I no longer use this:

YEAAAP. I no longer brush my teeth. Everyday when I wake up, I just pop a couple of mints and then I am all ready to head out! How convenient is that?!?! 

Friends sometimes even remark: "Wow, your breath has a really unique smell!", and this is all thanks to my no-brushing-needed regime! 

Peishi also mentioned that the design "can be such pretty fashion accessory as well"! I VERY MUCH AGREE. The designs are so intricate, I decided to make them into:

A Blink Bracelet!

Blink Bracelet
"YES! You can wear them as your bracelet! SO PRETTAAY!"

A Blink Necklace!

"You can also wear it as a super bling necklace!" 
(Model: My unwilling sister, who was complaining "KOR, WTF ARE YOU DOING?)

You know, the best mints are always the strongest. But, how do we know which mint is the stronger one? 

The clever Evilbean decided to put the most common mint, Mentos, and Blink to the MOST EPIC BATTLE of 2014:

Mentos versus Blink 

You know how we used to play this?

Well, the winner of the MINTS WAR will be determined through this!

After several rounds of INTENSE flipping battle...

BLINK emerged as the winner!

  Congratulations Blink for winning the MINTS WAR 2014!


Anyways taste-wise, it is really really intense, which is good because it really freshens your breath with the flavours. It has no hint of mint as well, which is another plus point because I do not like super minty sweets (eg. Fisherman's friend). 

As mentioned by Qiuqiu, the flavour is also not so artificial that they taste bad, in fact, they taste pretty good! The flavours that I bought, mango-passion and peach-berry taste awesome. Based on these 2 flavours, the talking Evilbean gives Blink mints..

Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):


(I am in no way sponsored to write this.)

(Although if Blink sees this and decided to give me something IT WOULD BE TOTALLY AWESOME) #auntiebean

A light-hearted, laugh out loud post for you, who is reading now on this joyous joyous CNY! 

Wishing you 新年快乐龙马精神 and most of all, 心想事成 to you on this horse year! 

OPPAN-GANGNAM STYLE. OP.OP.OP.OP. *horse-dance away*

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