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Friday, January 10, 2014

If you haven't seen the reviews on Police Story 2013 people are giving, let me just show you some of them:

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After seeing all these reviews, there is only one word in your mind: "SHOULD I WATCH?"


Movie Title - Police Story 2013

Genre:  +  (It means _ _ _ _ _ _ + Crime. HANGMAN GAME TIME!)

Synopsis: Firstly, our dear Jacky Chan is no longer a HK cop in his police story franchise. He is a China cop now. China is taking over the world. 

And, seriously, the plot in this film is pretty simple - Jacky Chan becomes a hostage in a nightclub. You must be thinking: "Huh, Jacky Chan has always been pretty much invincible in his action movies, so breaking out of a nightclub should be easy for him right?" 

Yeap, he could have, if not for his DAUGHTER who is also trapped in the club with him. So the whole movie revolves around on why he got assaulted and WHY the villain wants to attack our 60-years old Jacky?

Review: Usually, before the main action starts, there will always be back stories or introduction. But in this movie, the flashbacks are irrelevant to the main story, and neither do they aid in the character development. 

HMMMM. Never mind, just munch on your popcorns until the main story begins.

Then finally you get all excited, finger-biting and hair tearing, when you see the plot slowly unravels as to why the villain wants to kidnap Jacky Chan. There is a fight scene that happens in the "club-cage" itself that excites the inner cannibalism in you, seeing Jacky getting beat up by a Thai fighter, and keeps you on your toes as to whether or not Jacky will win.

Everything leads up to the climax. Finally the whole story unfolds....................

to a very simple, disappointing reason as to why the hostage happened. If you have watched it, you will agree with the talking bean. It's like "WHUTTTT. He went through all the efforts to kidnap Jacky just for this?!?!"

So overall, the Evilbean feels that the villian's motivation is why the ratings are so bad about the movie. However, the main action that occurred during the middle of the movie are pretty good. 

Stay back for: As always, Jacky Chan's movies ALWAYS have his NG scenes. Stay back to watch and grimace at how Jacky's body takes the beating and all the rough action scenes. The Evilbean salutes him for his no stunt-double policy, even at his age.

Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):

Minus 1 evilbean for the introduction and redundant flashbacks, and minus another evilbean for the simple, weak villain's motivation and this Police Story 2013 gets:

  (3 evilbeans)

Sorry Jacky Chan. You know we all still love you.

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