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Friday, October 17, 2014


Migme and Evilbean
Season 1 
Episode 1: The Meetup (#migup)

Green Migme 1

: I have had a serious crush on her ever since I first saw her on the MRT. Her glowing yellow skin and big bright eyes were so mesmerising!

Green Migme 2

: By a stroke of good luck, I found out that she was on Migme! I left her with a good impression as I was level 87, while she was only level 53. 

Yellow Migme 1

: At first, I wasn't interested about him as I hated green. However, he had a lot of gifts and badges on Migme and he had this cool option to open a private chatroom, which intrigued me.

Yellow Migme 2

: We posted on each other's wall a lot. As time went on, we found out that we had a lot of similar interests.

Migme Gift

: The little gifts that he sent me everyday through Migme made me feel special. He made me feel like a princess.


: Wait.. WHAT ARE YOU both doing on my blog?!
Yellow Migme 3

: EVILBEAN!! Aren't you one of the few invited bloggers for Migme?

: Oh hello! Yes I am! 

: I am one of your fans on Migme! 

: Me too! I am so envious that you were in the first #migupSG. Must be fun meeting with everyone!

: Yes, it was fun to know more people! I even took a photo with the other invited bloggers for Migme!

Migme #migupSG

Migme #MigupSG 2

: Those standees that you took photo with.. strangely look like us!! 

: You both are hallucinating. In any case, you both look sweet with each other! I hope you both get together in the next episode so that this love drama can end ASAP. Please do not have any cliche plot twist like a third party interfering or something. 

: Thank you for the encouragement Evilbean! I am pretty sure she will be my girlfriend soon!

The next day:

: "A Level 125 purple guy has become your fan!"

- End of Episode 1 -

That was just a short comic to introduce to you some of the features of Migme! With a fanbase of 70 million users in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa, Migme WILL BE one of the rising social media platform in Singapore. 

Come, join the growing Migme community and connect with friends, celebrities and awesome people. Build your own story, interests and adventure in the world of Migme!

Evilbean and Migme

Join me in Migme (ID @: Evilbeany) here! Post on my wall, say hi, or chat with me in the chatroom as I share about the latest food trends or rave about that pretty rainbow cake! :)

ADD THE EVILBEAN (ID @: Evilbeany)!

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