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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Annabelle 2014 Movie Poster

You might have read about the widely shared "9 freaky facts about Annabelle" from Facebook or Google. But the Evilbean is going to show you one EXCLUSIVE, never heard of, super freaky thing about Annabelle at the end of this review. I PROMISE, you will be even more freaked out at what I am going to show you.

Annabelle Movie Stills
"Dad, please, you have got to stop cheating on Mum with Annabelle! We caught you red-handed this time!"

Movie Title - Annabelle

(This needs no explanation - It's a doll genre.)

Synopsis: I am pretty sure that we will all still catch this movie, even if the trailer is just a static 10 seconds picture of the Annabelle doll.


In any case, Annabelle is a movie about a young, boring couple who is about to have a child. The wife is a doll collector, and the husband is her true soul mate because anyone else will definitely ditch her the moment they see her room (well, I would) - it is full of ominous-looking dolls. 

What baffles everyone is that the loving husband even buys her the Annabelle doll, which is supposedly an expensive collector's item meant to match two similar dolls. Their nightmare began when their neighbour next door attacked them but was shot dead in their house after the police came. The blood of their neighbour trickled down into Annabelle's eye, which planted the root of the evil possession.

Review: If you define a good horror movie as a film that "scares" you the most, then Annabelle might not be the type of horror that you are looking for. Instead, this movie is directed to thrive on our fear of the unknown, using suspense and intensity.

There are numerous scenes in this movie where the camera will linger on one particular object. Coupled with chilling scores, these scenes drive you crazy while you grit your teeth and anticipate for something to happen. The scene with the sewing machine, goes down in horror movie history for the right way to build suspense. The theatre was dead silent, as everyone prepares themselves for the "scare" while the female lead (which coincidentally, is also called Annabelle in real life) works on the sewing machine.

Another awesome scene was the one where the little girl was standing in the room, which quickly transitioned to something menacing - that was very original and pretty well done! 

Alas, like most horror movies, it suffers from a thin and predictable storyline. The plot was not strong enough to build to a big climax, which might underwhelm seasoned horror movie fans. 

The movie also embraces several horror movie cliches, like the usual jump-scares and also the various mythological references to demons, one of which is the dreaded 3:33am. 

Demonic activities always happen at 3:33am, be it in "Emily Rose" or in this case, "Annabelle". There are numerous mythology about this particular time called the "Devils Hour", where it is believed that the veil between the two worlds is the thinnest, allowing the spirits/demons to cross over easier. This kind of reference is effective because it will creep some of us out psychologically; it makes us question the authenticity and plays on our fear of the other side. It makes us wonder. And sometimes, our thoughts can spiral into scarier things...

Stay back for: Better run back home and sleep before 3:33am. 

Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):


And as I promised, here is the 10th freaky fact about Annabelle, discovered by the Evilbean.


1. Go to Google, and search for "Annabelle movie poster". 

2. Go to the images section.

3. Scroll down.

4. Holy shit....... 

(It's like a creepy Annabelle virus!)

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