Ben and Jerry's Chunkfest 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

Ben and Jerry's Chunkfest 2014

Ben & Jerry has always been about fun with your friends and families. For example, their annual Free Cone Day draws massive queues outside their outlets, as everyone will always "jio" their friends out to queue with them. Right in its 7th year, the Chunkfest has also become another annual Ben & Jerry's event for friends and families to gather and have a fun day out! 

I have never been to Chunkfest, so I was quite excited for this ice-cream festival and carnival. I was looking forward to witness the annual main event: Vermonster Challenge, where teams of 4 will try to finish TWENTY scoops of ice-cream in the shortest amount of time, and I can tell you, OH MY GOD these teams are crazy. 

But before we witness some of the crazy antics from these vermonsters, let's check out some of this year's carnival booths and the stars of 2014 Chunkfest: the new Core ice-cream flavours!

The Game Booths:

Chunkfest 2014 Game Booth 1

Chunkfest 2014 Game Booth 2

Chunkfest 2014 Game Booth 3

Chunkfest 2014 Game Booth 4

And the super hilarious Sumo Wrestling game booth  :
Chunkfest 2014 Sumo Wrestling Game Booth

Chunkfest 2014 Sumo Wrestling Game Booth 1

For this year's carnival, Ben & Jerry got together seven social enterprise (Bliss Restaurant, Bettr Barista, Edible Garden City, Emmaus Training Center, Project Happy Feet, Saught & Yellow Ribbon) to form the Social Enterprise Marketplace, where we could purchase specialty coffee and merchandise to support for a good cause! 

Chunkfest 2014 Social Enterprise Marketplace

Even though I am Evilbean, I like to support these causes whenever I can, because by supporting these good causes, I am putting a smile on someone else, somewhere. I like the feeling of bringing joy to people.

The stars of this year's ice-cream festival are undoubtedly the 3 new Core flavours:

Hazed & Confused Core

Ben and Jerry's - Hazed and Confused Core

Salted Caramel Core

Ben and Jerry's - Salted Caramel Core

That's My Jam Core

Ben and Jerry's - That's My Jam Core

The Evilbean tried the Hazed & Confused flavour and the Salted Caramel flavour! 

Ben and Jerry's - Salted Caramel Core Cone

Ben and Jerry's - Hazed and Confused Core Cone

One of the reason why everyone heads to Chunkfest to eat Ben & Jerry's: the gorgeous backdrop of the Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer easily make your ice-cream photos very "instagram-worthy"! 

As with the annual Chunkfest, Chunkfest 2014 brought in 9 exclusive US flavours for this year's festival:

1. A Cookie Affair
2. Americone Dream
3. White Russian
4. Banana Peanut Butter
5. Vanilla Greek Yoghurt
6. Liz Lemon Greek Yoghurt
7. Butter Pecan
8. Mint Chocolate Chunk
9. ScotchyScotch

You can judge for yourself the level of excitement Singaporeans had for these flavours by...


Ben and Jerry's Chunkfest 2014 Queue

Ben and Jerry's Chunkfest 2014 Queue 1

Besides the crazy long queues for ice-cream, there is another crazy event: the Vermonster Challenge! These people are so absolutely crazy, it's super fun to watch!

Ben and Jerry Vermonster Challenge 1

Ben and Jerry Vermonster Challenge 2

Ben and Jerry Vermonster Challenge 3

Ben and Jerry Vermonster Challenge 4

I can't even put ONE scoop of ice-cream in my mouth without screaming in pain, but these guys down TWENTY scoops of ice-creams as if they are tequila shots. *Claps*

Ultimately, it was Team “Thugz” (not in the pictures) who won the Vermonster Challenge, beating 29 other teams to wolf down 20 scoops of ice cream and toppings in record time of...

Make a guess?

15 minutes? 10 minutes?


A record time of 1 min 4s. OH MY HOLY COW. ONE MINUTE!

And their prize? A year supply of ice-cream which is 208 pints of Ben & Jerry's! They can host their own Chunkfest already.

Another awesome event happened in this year's Chunkfest, and that is the FIRST EVER Chunkfest wedding of Thomas and Jamie! Super unique la!

Chunkfest 2014 Wedding

With so many fun activities, ice-creams and events planned for the carnival, the annual Ben & Jerry's Chunkfest should be in your list as the Singapore's ice-cream festival you should visit together with your friends and family! Do visit and like Ben & Jerry's Facebook page for more info on their events and their new ice-cream flavours!

Once again, thank you Ben & Jerry's for the invite! And, thank you hardworking cow mascots!

Evilbean with Ben & Jerry's Cow

Chunkfest 2014

Venue: The Meadows at Gardens by the Bay
Free Admission

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