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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fashion King (Korean) Movie Poster

Just look at the poster. The way Joo Won poses is just brilliant - awkward yet serious. And after you finish watching the trailer of Fashion King, you know you are in for a wacky, comedic movie that will just make you laugh out loud!

Watch the trailer here:

Fashion King (Korean Movie) - Movie Stills

Movie Title -  Fashion King

Fashion Icon (The genre is pretty obvious from the movie title guys. So here is an icon of the fashion runway and a model with see-through clothes)

Synopsis: Woo 
Gi-myeong in Fashion King is the reincarnation of Nobita in Doraemon -  

1. Not so outstanding in the looks department, 

2, Always bullied and teased by his classmates 

3. Falls in love with a pretty girl, who has a boyfriend that is one of the most good-looking and wealthiest in school.

Doraemon - Nobita
"Hi Woo Gi-myeong!"

But of course, this is a movie about how the ugly duckling transforms into a swan. With the help of a fashionista Nam Jung, who teaches him the essences of fashion, such as ‘cool’ and ‘tight’, Gi-myeong begins to gain reputation in school as a forward-thinking fashionista.

The "Ace" in school, Won-ho, feels threatened by Nobita's rising popularity and begins to dig into his past to destroy him. 

Review: The role of Gi-myeong is wonderfully played by Joo Won, who recently starred in Good Doctor which won the Best TV Drama award in PaekSang Arts Award. If you have seen him in Good Doctor, well, you will agree with me that he plays "this type of role" very well.

This movie is adapted from the popular webcomic which had 4.2 million average weekly views, and comic Gi-myeong before his transformation looked like this:

Fashion King Webtoon

Wow. Just wow. The comic artist somehow manages to draw this guy to look like he is 40 working in an office.

In the movie version, Gi-myeong, before his transformation, looked like this:

Fashion King Korean Movie - Joo Won

Which is still handsome. 

The most shocking visual has got to be f(x)'s Sulli's in the movie. She is so plain, she should rename herself as f(x) Jane. Just see for yourself when you watch the movie.

Fashion King (Korean Movie) - Ahn Jae Hyeon

Most of us should be familar with Ahn Jae Hyeong, who played Cheong Song Yi's younger brother and has an obsession with stars in My Love From The Star. In Fashion King, he plays an essentially similar character - grumpy, grouchy, full of himself and has a problem with his father. I am sure that if they copy and pasted his scenes from My Love From The Star into this movie, no one would notice a thing.

What makes this movie really stand out is the very interesting and unique plot. I tend to be biased to movies that dare to come out with something different, and the plot for Fashion King is delivered really well with the atrocious fashion and exaggerated acting. These gave the film a comic touch, thus making you immersed in the story rather than go about thinking: "Is this even possible in real life". The effects used are straight out of a manga - bright, wacky and comedic. There are scenes where I just laughed out loud and clapped my hands at the atrociousness. 

I walked out of the theatre entertained, and that is what watching a movie is for isn't it?

Stay back for: Don't stay back already, I know you are itching to to go to that ZARA outlet and upgrade your wardrobe now!

Fun fact: There is also a SBS Drama called Fashion King in 2012, starring two of my favourite ladies: Kwon Yuri and Shin Se Kyung! This movie and the drama is totally unrelated though.

Fashion King SBS Drama

Movie Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):


Fashion King (Korean Movie) Movie Still 2

 Fashion King (NC16)
Running Time: 119 minutes 
Release Date: 12/03/2015

And here's an Instagram post of the Evilbean shamelessly trying to be the next Fashion King as well:

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