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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Call Centre

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Untuk Melayu, Tekan 3

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Please enter your NIRC or mobile number, followed by the # key.

Please hold while we verify your entry..

For technical assistance, press 1

Recontract dates, press 2

General enquiries, press 0

Press 1

By now, you would already be frustrated. The reason why you are calling your Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the first place is because you are already frustrated by something - your Internet is not working, your router is not showing any lights etc.

And the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) from their call centre is adding to your frustration.

You know what is the worst possible outcome?

After going through 6-7 options, you hear this:

‘Sorry, this department is now closed. Please try again tomorrow.’

Rage Gif
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Not only will you go bald, you will also feel like crying.

According to a research by Genesys.com, there are three main areas of customer frustration in the contact centre:

1. Hold times

Please hold while we verify your details.

Please hold as all our customer service officers are busy.

Please hold...

Call Centre Frustration
Source: www.wired.co.uk

2. Interactive Voice Response systems (IVRs)

We have come to accept the automated voice in this age and technology. However, that strange human-yet-robotic voice creeps into your head when you are asked to go through several options just to get to the solution that you want.

3. Call transfers

The research got it all right. Call transfers are not what frustrates us. It is when we went through all the automated ID and verification process at the beginning, gave all the relevant information, all to REPEAT AGAIN TO THAT CUSTOMER OFFICER/AGENT. Wow. I would rather be kimchi-slapped than to go through all that. (Kimchi-slap is epic though)

But I am lucky; I have ViewQwest as my ISP. Heh emote

There was this one time when there was no WiFi connection from my router. I called the hotline and I was connected to the customer service immediately - there were no IVR, no call transfers. It was as I phoned a technician and he teleported right into my house. I could feel the human touch. Within 15 minutes, the problem was solved. I am connected to the world again.

As a premium boutique ISP, ViewQwest is able to handle my queries in a prompt and efficient manner 24/7, something which other ISP might not be able to do with their huge customer base. 

Which means, I have no need to know how a call centre works because I do not have to talk to a voice machine ever again, as long as I am a ViewQwest user.


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