Swensen's 2015 Christmas Menu and Logcakes!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Swensen's 2015 Christmas Menu

Before you know it, Christmas is nearing. If you have been naughty for the better part of the year, you have approximately 2 months left to be nice.

Santa Naughty or Nice List
"Have you been nice this year?"

One of the way to get into that nice list is to gift your friends and family those delicious looking logcakes, because people will treat you like an angel when you bribe them with food. Laugh with Tears Emoji

Here's a preview of this year's range of Ice Cream log cakes from Swensen's:

Swensen's Ice Cream Log Cakes ($58)

A Frozen Dream

Swensen's Ice Cream Log Cakes - A Frozen Dream

No. Don't sing that. NO.

Your little cousins/nephews might like this cookies and cream ice-cream log cake though. Just be prepared for them to sing Frozen soundtracks all day long.

Cookies Creamy Hut

Swensen's Ice Cream Log Cakes - Cookies Creamy Hut

This is the "adult" version of the Cookies and Cream flavour.Crunchy Oreo cookies embedded in white and dark chocolate ice-cream. And none of that "Let it go".

Honey Manukadamia

Swensen's Ice Cream Log Cakes - Honey Manukadamia

Look at that smooth bed of Manuka honey! One of the new offering this year, this Honey Manukadamia is made up of Manuka honey ice cream, macadamia nuts and a melange of berries, chocolate and a red truffle ball. Too interesting to not get one!

Matcha Chocomallow

Swensen's Ice Cream Log Cakes - Matcha Chocomallow

This is sure to be a crowd pleaser with the combination of matcha together with dark chocolate chips and soft marshmallow bits. 

Merry Sticky Chewy Chocolate

Swensen's Ice Cream Log Cakes - Merry Sticky Chewy Chocolate

Swensen's best-selling Sticky Chewy Chocolate ice cream is topped with a mix of truffle balls, coated with a layer of chocolate and a sprinkle of edible gold dust for this Merry Sticky Chewy Chocolate log cake. You can't go wrong with this flavour!

Red Velvety

Swensen's Ice Cream Log Cakes - Red Velvety

Decorated with a light dusting of snow powder, the Red Velvety ice cream log cake consists of a combination of fresh blue and black berries, white and dark chocolate and a red truffle ball. The colours on this one is sure to make you hum those Christmas jingles!

Early Bird Discount

If any of these log cakes caught your attention, DO NOT HESITATE ANYMORE, because there is an exclusive early bird discount for you! From 1 November to 10 December 2015, enjoy 20% off your ice cream log cakes and gift cards for Cool Rewards and Kid's Club members. Credit card members (ANZ, Bank of China, Citibank, Diners, Maybank, OCBC, UOB and Standard Chartered Bank) can receive 15% off

Besides the log cakes, Swensen's will also have two Christmas entrées that combines the spirit of SG50 and Christmas together. YES SG50 IS FOR THE WHOLE YEAR.

Swensen's Christmas Dine-in Menu

November - Chicken Istimewa ($15.90)

Swensen's 2015 Christmas Menu - Chicken Istimewa

For the month of November, Swensen's will release this Chicken Istimewa in their stores. First off, this is like an super upsized version of satay. The meat was tender and was marinated nicely with that mild, spicy flavours we are all very familiar with. BEWARE of that sambal balachan that accompanies this dish. If you cannot take spicy stuff, the spiciness of the balachan will make you grasp for those Swensen's ice-cream frantically.

December - Swensen's Turkey Burger ($17.90)

Swensen's 2015 Christmas Menu - Swensen's Turkey Burger

How can Christmas be Christmas if you are not having TURKEYS? Plump turkey patties are marinated and cooked to perfection. The patties are then topped with a special burger bun accented by fresh lettuce, sliced tomato, fried egg and one of the star ingredient for this dish: Gula Melaka Grilled Pineapple (GMGP). That GMGP was a genius addition, lending its sweet, tangy flavours to the juicy turkey patty. Give this a try come this December!

End off your Christmas meal at Swensen's with their locally inspired ice-cream sundaes!

Sweet Corn Fever Forever ($11.50)

Swensen's 2015 Christmas Menu - Sweet Corn Fever Forever

Made up of red bean, chendol, atap seeds and corn kernels, this tasted very much like a chendol, with more ingredients. Not a fan of the corn-flavours though.

Potong Supreme Pleaser ($11.50)

Swensen's 2015 Christmas Menu - Potong Supreme Pleaser

Look at that Red Bean Potong ice cream wafer perched precariously on top of the scoop of Vanilla ice cream. To be honest, I really wanted to just grab that wafer and eat it BUT NO, BLOGGERS HAZ TO TAKE PHOTOS. Curbed all my evil desires, took all the shots, waited for other bloggers, before we finally got to sink our teeth into this. Oh so good. That crinkle-cut chips combined with the chocolate was a sweet-salty delight! A wonderfully apt name for a pleasing dessert. 

Child's Gem Delight ($11.50)

Swensen's 2015 Christmas Menu - Child's Gem Delight

Whimsically embellished with our childhood gem biscuits and smothered in marshmallow sauce, this Child's Gem Delight is like a stock photo of how sundaes should look like. The addition of those childhood biscuits are cute, but other than that, this was pretty average. Could do without that huge dollop of whipped cream though! 

With all their ice cream sundaes at the same price of $11.50, I would just go for the Potong Supreme Pleaser. I am pretty sure it will please you thoroughly.

For more information about their Christmas log cakes and Christmas menus, visit their website at http://www.swensens.com.sg or their Facebook page here! Thank you TouchPR & Events for the invite and the friendly service crew at Swensen's for hosting us!

Now, back to my Christmas jingles and Christmas tree...

Colourful Christmas Tree

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