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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Kinohimitsu Maca Men - Evilbean Blogger

As a blogger, I have to constantly come out with blog posts that are interesting and entertaining to read. And, as a typical night owl, my inspiration only comes when darkness falls and crickets chirps their songs.

Night Owl Brain
"A snapshot of Evilbean's brain at day time and night time"

However, there are nights where my brain gets the writer's block, or rather, in this case, the blogger's block, and my screen can remain like this for hours:

Blogger's Block

Yes, I can see my fellow bloggers giving me an internet hi-five, because most of us will suffer from this periodically. This block is extremely agonising, especially when you have a long list of blogging backlogs. My brain simply doesn't want to brain:

Brain doesn't brain

At these kind of trying times, I would either be constantly opening my fridge, hoping for something new to appear, or I would just be distracted by things other than blogging, like browsing Instagram, or YouTube, or watching some adult action videos....

Adult action videos like Walking Dead or Terminator, where there are lots of actions. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Smirk Emoji

There is always the option of relying on conventional energy drinks for that perk-me-up. However, most of these energy drinks are loaded with caffeine and sugar for that short-term boost, which are not beneficial to our body in the long run. 

Recognising this, Kinohimitsu has come out with their newest product range - Maca Men. What I really love about Maca Men is the fact that not only is it a caffeine-free energy booster, it is also a power shot that improves my health with its ingredients.

There are 5 key ingredients in Kinohimitsu Maca Men.

1. Maca Extract - An adaptogenic plant rich in zinc, calcium, iron and plant sterol. Helps boost body's own natural testosterone production. 

Testosterone is an important hormone for men. In fact, according to a study, increased levels of testosterone makes you more masculine and thus, more attractive to women! 

Cat Gif

Also, healthy testosterone levels are essential for healthy muscle strength and mass, bone density, sperm production as well as your hair and skin. 

2. Clam Extract - An aphrodisiac that is rich in zinc and amino acids, which are essential for healthy sexual life. 

3. Turmeric - Protect and promote blood circulation. Curcumin, a substance in turmeric, also helps to protect liver from toxic chemicals and fat deposits.

4. BCAA - BCAA, or Branched Chain Amino Acid, helps prevent fatigue and improves concentration. It also improves exercise performance by reducing serotonin levels in your body.

5. Taurine - Used in many energy drinks, taurine helps with our stamina and endurance. 

Personal Review:

I have been drinking Maca Men for the past few weeks, and so far, I find that it has definitely helped with my lethargy and concentration. I also feel that I have more energy to work on my blog posts! 

Kinohimitsu Maca Men

The taste is also super refreshing with the addition of mint in this booster drink. Made from 100% natural ingredients, I know that this energy booster + health supplement is going to be beneficial for me in the long run.

The bottles are in travel-sizes, which are convenient for on the go! I can just pop one in my bag and drink it while travelling to attend events or when I am going cafe-hopping.

Evilbean - Maca Men
"What's in my bag"

The taste is the best when consumed chilled, and it is recommended to have your dose of Maca Men before your meals. Therefore, I usually drink this first thing in the morning as it is super refreshing and gives me a jolt of energy to begin my day!

Free Trial and Facebook Contest!

Interested to try out Maca Men? Well, you can get a free trial by simply signing up on to redeem 2 free bottles of Maca Men! (Valid till 10 Nov 2015)

They are also running a Facebook Contest where you can stand a chance to win attractive prizes worth up to $2500! Prizes include 1 year supply of Kinohimitsu Maca Men, gym passes to Anytime Fitness, Edit. Menswear, Observer Optical Vouchers & Feet Haven massage vouchers!

Where to Buy?

Maca Men is available for purchase at their online store, major leading pharmacies, major departmental stores and OG Orchard Point/ OG People’s Park/ OG Albert Complex.


Of course, how can I not offer you a discount? Wink Emoji

Get 20% off Maca Men by quoting: "POWERUPJOEY"! (U.P $86.90)

Visit their online store and enter POWERUPJOEY upon checkout to enjoy your discount!

For more information, visit their website at or follow their Facebook page at as well as their Instagram

Now go get charged up with Maca Men - The Power Shot for Men.

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