[WIN AN EXCLUSIVE EXPERIENCE] Star Wars R2-D2 ANA Jet Arriving in Singapore!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Star Wars R2-D2 ANA Jet in Singapore

Are you ready for a rare and unique STAR WARS experience?

Being the largest airline of Japan, ANA is proud to unveil its STAR WARS’ R2-D2™ ANA JET, rolling out the one and only R2-D2™ ANA JET on the planet. YES, the R2-D2™ ANA JET will finally touch down at Changi Airport this coming November! Changi Airport will be the first Asian airport outside of Japan to welcome R2-D2™ ANA JET.

Star Wars R2-D2 ANA Jet Arriving in Singapore

In celebration of the arrival of R2-D2™ ANA JET in Singapore, 15 lucky participants will stand a chance to win a pair of invites each to the exclusive STAR WARS experience on board the R2-D2™ ANA JET on 14 November 2015:

- During the three-hour experience on ground, winners will enjoy watching one of the currently released STAR WARS movies with an in-flight business class meal (!!!) on the full flat business class seat, while submerging themselves in the STAR WARS interior such as STAR WARS themed headrests and dining ware.

- Limited-edition commemorative merchandises such as an R2-D2™ ANA JET Model Plane and a STAR WARS plush toy

What’s so special? In pride to provide the best possible in-flight experience, passengers can now watch currently released STAR WARS films from the sky when they travel in R2-D2™ ANA JET. STAR WARS has never been included as part of an in-flight entertainment system. In collaboration with the ANA STAR WARS Project, ANA will be the first and only airline in the world to ever offer this phenomenal opportunity!

Star Wars R2-D2 ANA Jet Arriving in Singapore

ANA is Japan’s only 5-star airline. It has a world-class international flight network of 39 cities including the U.S., and ranks 15th in the world for the number of international flight passengers. With safety as their basis, ANA offers everyone a new travel experience by blending Japanese innovation and technology, politeness and honesty, and spirit of hospitality.

This experience is one-of-a-kind, and an incredible one for all hardcore STAR WARS fans! 

How to win?

To win this, all you have to do is to fill up the application form found on the website http://www.ana-sw.com/event/?id=20&lang=en. That's it!

I will leave you with this video to get you even more pumped up about this STAR WARS experience. "DUR DUR DUR, DUR DUR-DUR DUR DUR-DUR.."

Go sign up now! May the force be with you.

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