Marugoto Shokudou - Sashimi at Reasonable Pricing!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Marugoto Shokudou at Broadway Plaza Singapore

There are times where I crave for sashimi, but when I open my wallet...

Empty Wallet Gif

I will then try to curb my craving (and cry a little). Is there a place in Singapore where I could satisfy my sashimi craving without breaking my wallet?

WELL YES THERE IS. At Marugoto Shokudou!

Chirashi Deluxe ($28.80)

The Chirashi Deluxe is an epic stone pot that is filled with: Swordfish, Salmon, Chutoro, Red Snapper, Prawn, Tobiko Roes, Yellowtail, Tako and Ikura Roe.

Marugoto Shokudou - Chirashi Deluxe

All of these goodies priced at only $28.80! AND IT'S PRETTY GOOD. Besides the freshness of the sashimis, one, or rather three, of the star ingredients would be the 3 coloured roes! Not only did they beautify the dish, the slight-salty taste of these balls are perfect complements for the vinegar rice.

Chirashi Deluxe Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):

The "Marugoto" in Marugoto Shokudou actually means "to eat an entire meal". To stay true to their name, we had a feast.

Kinoko Jelly (NFS)

Marugoto Shokudou - Kinoko Jelly

This was actually our starter and it really whet up our appetite. The cold jelly, paired with mushrooms, cuttlefish, fish roes and the juicy shrimp was delicious! With all those seafood in a bowl, it felt as if I was taking a dip into the ocean,  This Kinoko Jelly is not for sale at the moment, but I am pretty sure they will sell it soon, given how tasty this was!

Yuzu Honey ($3.50)

Marugoto Shokudou - Yuzu Honey

I like how they added in bits of yuzu into this drink! 

Foie Gras Chawanmushi ($12.80)

Marugoto Shokudou - Foie Gras Chawanmushi

Foie Gras in chawanmushi! Interesting combination, but it wasn't my style. I found the saltiness of the foie gras to be too overwhelming when paired with the light, egg-y taste of chawanmushi. There were some others at my table who liked this though.

Awabi ($24.80)

Marugoto Shokudou - Awabi

This is the Awabi, which is abalone is Japanese. This is sort of a palette cleanser in between the heavy dishes, as it was light in taste. 

Tonkatsu ($15.90)

Marugoto Shokudou - Tonkatsu

I am sure most of us are no stranger with Tonkatsu. A good tonkatsu, in my opinion, has to have 3 things done well:

1. Extremely crispy on the outside. Must be able to hear the satisfying crunch as I bite into the tonkatsu.

2. Tender and moist on the inside. I mean, who loves dry and rough meat? 

3. The BBQ sauce that accompanies the Tonkatsu must be sweet, salty AND tangy to make the pork taste even better.

And Morugoto hit all the right notes with their Tonkatsu!

Yaki Maru Ika ($15)

Marugoto Shokudou - Yaki Maru Ika

This is their grilled squid, slathered generously with the BBQ sauce. I thought the plating was very tidy and the squid was neatly sliced, satisfying the slight-OCD nature in me. The Ika was also tender and sweet, but I felt that the BBQ sauce was a bit too much. 

Seafood Okonomiyaki ($8.50)

Marugoto Shokudou - Seafood Okonomiyaki

Their Okonomiyaki was sooooo cheesy, which was awesome for a cheese-lover like the Evilbean. You can also see how generous they are with the bonito flakes. Some food outlets are so stingy with their bonito flakes, the 'evil' in the Evilbean surfaces and imagines himself doing all sorts of things to that stingy server.

Kaisen Kakiage ($6.90)

Marugoto Shokudou - Kaisen Kakiage

This is their seafood shrimp and vegetable fritter, which is usually eaten as a snack. Marugoto serves this with a bowl of miso, in which you are supposed to dip your kakiage into. I like that this wasn't too oily, and the saltiness of the miso gives the vegetables some flavour. The tempura batter was lightly coated and fried to a good crispiness. Surprisingly good!

And those 8 courses were our "Marugoto". We really did "eat an entire meal". Now go have that Chirashi Deluxe. I know you are craving for it. Wink Emoji

Thank you The Influencer Network for the invite and Marugoto Shokudou for hosting us! For more information, visit their website at and their Facebook page here.

Marugoto Shokudou @ Broadway Plaza

Marugoto Shokudou @ Broadway Plaza

4190 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, Broadway Plaza, #01-07
Singapore 569841
Nearest MRT Station: Ang Mo Kio
Tel: +65 6451 2822
Opening Hours: 

Daily: 11:30 AM - 10:30 PM (Last order at 10:00 PM)
Closed during lunch on Mondays

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