5 Practical Gift Ideas (WITH PROMO CODES) for Christmas 2015!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

5 Practical Gift Ideas (WITH PROMO CODES) for Christmas 2015

The season of giving and sharing is upon us, and this is the period where some of us start to panic because we belong to the very-thoughtful side - we want our friends/family to love our presents.

Pikachu Receive Presents Gif

Yeap, the experience of receiving bad presents has scarred most of us. In fact, we have probably witnessed before the look of disappointment on someone's face when they got those crappy presents from their "Secret Santa". Seriously, who needs body lotions or chocolates?!

Therefore, we now take great efforts to ensure that the presents that we give are something that is practical yet special in a way. If you have been searching for those elusive practical yet special Christmas gifts, well, here are FIVE of them, some with PROMO CODES! 

1. Daniel Wellington Watches

Daniel Wellington (DW) watches are stylish and versatile. From former events to casual wear, adding a DW watch to your #OOTD will greatly improve your outlook.

Daniel Wellington Discount Code - Singapore Blogger Evilbean

Quote "Evilbean" at Daniel Wellington website for 15% off! Promo code valid till 15 Jan 2016.

2. Men's Health Drink - Kinohimitsu Maca Men

Kinohimitsu Maca Men is a health drink designed for men. (Read more about the benefits in my review here)

Kinohimitsu Maca Men

Basically, it is both a caffeine-free energy booster and a power drink that improves men's health. If you are looking to get a practical Christmas gift for your tired-looking Dad or hardworking boyfriend/husband, Maca Men would be a wonderful choice, being a health supplement that will recharge and power up their energy for the upcoming year!

Kinohimitsu Maca Men Promo Code

Quote "POWERUPJOEY" at Kinohimitsu website for 20% off! Promo code valid till 31 Dec 2015.

3. 1-for-1 Free Singapore Restaurant Offers - Entertainer 2016

The Entertainer 2016 is an app that allows you to enjoy 1-for-1 Singapore restaurant offers all year long. (Read more about the Entertainer and its benefits here)

This is the most practical Christmas gift you can buy for that foodie friend or even for those loved ones who always dines out with you. Trust the Evilbean when I tell you that this is an app that will make them scream with joy! 

Quote "2016EVIL" at Entertainer website for $10 off $85! Promo code valid till end of 2016.

4. GP Power Banks

GP has just launched a SPECIAL EDITION GP x Smiley Power Bank that is designed with portability in mind.

SPECIAL EDITION GP x Smiley Power Bank

These smileys power banks are just genius gift ideas. Why? 

Well, for your loved ones, you can get them the one with heart eyes. For your bosses, you can give them the smiley with sunglasses to subtly tell them that they are cool (bosses love these kind of subtle praises, trust me). For those acquaintances, a normal one with a smile gives the impression to others that you are a friendly person. GENIUS, AIN'T IT?

GP Smiley x Powerbank - Singapore Blogger Evilbean

The GP x Smiley special edition Power Bank retails at $49, BUT you can get these special edition power bank at a 20% DISCOUNT at Challenger Roadshow @ ION Orchard! YAY to discounts! This promotion is valid till 4th Jan 2016.

5. Huiji Pain Relief Products

Most mums are just simply glad that their son/daughter is growing up well. They are not really the ones that like extravagant gifts. The phrase "it's the thought that matters" applies fittingly on our moms. 

Therefore, it's always the practical gifts that will make them really happy. This year, thank your tireless mom with a range of pain relief products from Huiji. 

Singapore - Huiji Pain Relief range of products

Made with high-grade ingredients for fast-acting and long-lasting relief for aches and pains, these products ACTUALLY SMELLS GOOD. They do not smell like most old-people- ointments, which would be a plus point if your mom wants to smell young. Yes, my mom actually said that the reason she don't apply some ointments was because "they smell old".

The range is offered in four formats: oil, balm, spray and plaster, each targeting relief of different bodily pain and usage.

Palief Strain Relief Oil ($9.90)

Palief Strain Relief Oil

Made in Singapore, Huiji Palief Strain Relief Oil is ideal for relieving muscle pain and alleviating rheumatism pain. It helps with sport sprains, twists and bruises.

Huiji Palief Balm (28g: $4.30, 58g $8.90)

Huiji Palief Balm

The balm promotes blood circulation to eliminate blood stasis. 

Function: Relieving shoulder pain, slight sprain, stomachache, headache, sport sprains, twists and bruises.

Palief Spray ($8.80)

Palief Spray

The spray contains high-grade traditional Chinese medicine ingredients. 

Function: Suitable for treating sport sprains, alleviating sore shoulders and necks, muscle aches, sprains, backaches. Relieves rheumatism pain.

Palief Plaster ($3.10)

Palief Plaster

This plaster is suitable for night use. It is not greasy at all and does not have any odour. 

Function: For sore shoulders, necks, muscle aches, sprains, backaches and rheumatism pain.

All Huiji Pain Relief products are available at selected NTUC FairPrice outlets such as AMK Hub, Jurong Point Hyper and Bedok A. For more information on Huiji products, please call +65 6748 2911.

So there you go, five practical gift ideas for this year's Christmas! I hope this list helped you out in some way for your last-minute Christmas shopping! :)

To all my awesome Talkingevilbean readers: 

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! May your coming year be blessed with lots of good luck and health! Thank you so much for your support in this blog for 2015, and may our 2016 be even better!

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