[Korean Movie] The Beauty Inside - The Movie You Don't Know who the Male Lead is

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Korean Movie - The Beauty Inside

You know those quarrels you have had with your other half, the ones where they got so heated up, he/she start to scream this line in your face:


Well, for Yi-soo (played by Han Hyo Joo), she literally experiences a different person every single day.

And on her worst days, she might be sleeping beside a old, fat, ugly man.

[Korean Movie] The Beauty Inside - Movie Still
"Fat, ugly old man? Man, that's hurtful Evilbean"

Movie Title - The Beauty Inside

The Beauty Inside Genre - Identity Crisis(Because this is exactly what the male lead feels like every single day)

Synopsis: Woo-jin (played by 123 actors), wakes up every day as a different person. And he is not limited to just "he". He can wake up as a man, a child, a woman, or even a foreigner. Identity-crisis gets a new meaning with his weird condition.

On his good days, he can wake up to a young, handsome body... which he will try to take advantage of by sleeping with other girls. 

[Korean Movie] The Beauty Inside - Movie Still

And then, of course, there are the bad days, like waking up as an ugly man.

His WORST days, however, are probably those when he wake up as a she, and a hot one at that. Hilarity ensues as his best friend begs to sleep with him when he is in a woman's body.

One day, as Woo-jin was visiting his regular furniture store, he met Yi-soo and fell for her at the very first sight. Can the love of his life accept someone who changes every day? Can Yi-soo see the beauty inside?

Review: I am a sucker for interesting story plots. Movies easily earn +2evilbeans from me as long as the plot is fresh and creative. And if it's Korean? +1evilbeans. SORRY, I AM THAT BIASED TOWARDS ANYTHING KOREAN.

But seriously, the theme of this movie is really captivating. How are you supposed to feel when you wake up as a different person everyday? Misunderstood? Angry? Lonely? 

[Korean Movie] The Beauty Inside - Movie Still

You can sense the frustration of Woo-jin when he desperately needs to wake up as a handsome guy to confess to the girl he likes. Even though the idea seems ridiculous in real life, the brilliant directing of commercials turned movie director, Baek Jong-yul, made us forget the absurdity and immersed us in the characters. 

At first, it might all seem confusing: Who is the male lead? What is happening? Why are there so many actors? WHY?

After awhile, as I start to grasp the plot better, every day becomes a surprise. "Who am I going to see next? Is it going to be Park Shin Hye today? Or Lee Dong Wook? WHO?

Besides the surprise factor, there is also the very lovable female lead Yi-soo (played by Han Hyo Joo). 

The Beauty Inside - Han Hyo Joo

You can feel the torment and sacrifices she made for this unusual relationship. At times, I didn't know whose view I should support? Woo-jin or Yi-soo? That was how good the movie was able to make us feel; we were emotionally attached to the characters.

[Korean Movie] The Beauty Inside - Movie Still

The whole theatre was screaming, laughing and crying along with the story plot. There is no other movie that has had such great reactions. 

Not even Our Times (我的少女時代).  Black Moon Emoji

Grab your loved ones and catch this movie with them this festive season! 

Stay back for: Don't stay back already. Better start checking on your boyfriend/girlfriend, make sure he/she doesn't change to another person.

Fun fact: The movie was based on the social film of the same title produced by Intel and Toshiba. You can watch the film here:

Movie Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):


[Korean Movie] The Beauty Inside - Movie Poster

The Beauty Inside (PG13)
Running Time: 126 minutes 
Release Date: 17/12/2015

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  1. I have nothing to say except that this is a chic and elegant Movie Review it! I even wanted to revise it for the third time

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  3. It was great movie indeed! I quit watching Korean dramas few years ago, bacausue I was so bored about typical scenarios and lame acting. But Korean movies are so different! I wrote about it in testimonials on Customessaymeister. Korean movies are unique, interesting and often heartwarming. I love them so much.


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