PROMO CODE: Entertainer 2016 Singapore Review and Guide

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

PROMO CODE: Entertainer 2016 Singapore Review

Let me let you in on a little secret: bloggers loveee the Entertainer App. 


Yes, the app is so damn good that bloggers will do anything just to get themselves an Entertainer app. If you happen to know any blogger friends, you can ask them about it and they will give you raving reviews, not because they are paid to say it, but because it is genuinely a MUST-HAVE money-saving app for almost everything.

Money Gif

"Hold up Evilbean, what is the Entertainer App?"

In a .gif, Entertainer is an app that DOESN'T make you feel like this when you dine out/visit nightspots/activities/spas/hotels:

Burning money gif

It is in fact, an app that boasts a plethora of 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free' offers on a wide range of dining, nightspots, activities, spas and hotel accommodation not only in Singapore but also throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia & Indian Ocean as well as North America!

I am not kidding when I typed those two words. When I mean "wide range", it really is. Even wider than Nicky Minaj's hips. 

Nicky Minaj Hips

Entertainer 2016 has got over 975 offers IN SINGAPORE ALONE and another 300 more offers at hotels and resorts worldwide. Based on my past experience, they continuously add in new merchants throughout the year. Every month, I will also receive a newsletter detailing monthly member offers, new restaurant launches, special events and regular promotions. I look forward to these newsletters every month because I can plan my month's activities around these places I know I have got 1 for 1 offers on, saving myself a ton of money.

In fact, according to Entertainer, an average Singaporean saved $642 with the app! These savings can buy me TWO TICKETS to Bangkok and I would still have left over for 15 foot massages.

"What kind of merchants are in the Entertainer app? Are they worthy of my high quality tastes?"

I know, I know. Before I got my hands on the Entertainer, I also had my doubts about the merchants that would be in the app. But just look at the names of some of the NEW merchants available for 2016:

- Pan Pacific Singapore, 
- Halia at Raffles Hotel, 
- MEATliquor, 
- My Little Spanish Place, 
- Arteastiq Tea Lounge, 
- Shiraz Restaurant, 
- Luxe Sydney, 
- Smoothie King and even
- Wave House Sentosa!

And some of the popular merchants:

- Bedrock Bar & Grill, 
- Senso Ristorante & Bar, 
- Da Paolo Pizza Bar, 
- Brewerkz, 
- PARKROYAL on Pickering, 
- Aramsa the Garden Spa, 
- Ben & Jerry’s, 
- Forest Adventure

I was surprised to find escape room "Unravel" in the app as well! So yes, there are lots of high quality, 'atas' merchants you can choose from.

One of my personal favourite feature about this app is that the offers are sorted by proximity, and trust me, this is a LIFE-SAVER. One of the most asked question when we head outside with our friends/family is: "What do you wanna eat?"

What do you want to eat gif

And then, they reply with a "whatever" or "I don't know".

With Entertainer, I just have to load up the app and search for offers that are around me! It is easy to use, and easy to redeem.

Deciding on what to eat is no longer a question that makes me want to tear out my hair. The Entertainer app has been both a money-saver and a problem-solver for me.

If you need an additional reason to get yourself an Entertainer app, well, customers who purchase the Entertainer Singapore 2016 will receive a free Entertainer Travel, which features over 300 ‘Buy One Room Night, Get One Free’ offers in hotels throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia & Indian Ocean as well as North America! This fantastic product includes international hotel brands such as Conrad, Fairmont, InterContinental, Shangri-La, Hyatt, Radisson, Sofitel, Sheraton, Ovolo Hotels and many more!

Guide to owning your very own Entertainer App

1. Go to the Entertainer website, select "Buy now",

Entertainer App Buy

2. Enter the PROMO CODE: "2016EVIL" for $10 off $85.

Entertainer App 2016 Promo Code

3. Checkout

Entertainer App 2016 Promo Code

4. Register for an account and follow the steps listed after signing in. (If this is your first time, DO NOT register or log in via Facebook!)

And then YAY! Get excited with your very own Entertainer app! Start your 2016 right with an awesome decision you will not regret. Get the Entertainer app now. 

Or... you can always ask that special someone or that person you friend-zoned for 2 years to buy it for you as a gift. Smirk Emoji

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