Chabuton Spicy Ramen - Five Levels of Burning Sensations with Yoruton Ramen!

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Chabuton Spicy Ramen - 5 levels of spiciness

The Evilbean is always up for spicy challenges because he is either crazy, enjoys the adrenaline, or just loves sitting on the toilet bowl. After conquering Samyang Spicy Ramen and the World's Spiciest Instant Ramen, he is back to challenge the newest ramen dish from Chabuton - the Yoruton Ramen with FIVE LEVELS of SPICINESS!

The spicy ramen launch was at Chabuton's brand new outlet at Millenia Walk, and we were treated to a traditional Japanese Sword Dance during the opening ceremony. 

This picture turned out so pretty with the lanterns and the striking pose from the sword dancer! It was also a foreshadow of our fates with the spicy ramen - our dance with danger. Emoji Fearful Face

Chabuton Millenia Walk

Chabuton Millenia Walk - Opening Ceremony

After the opening speech, it was time for the Spicy Ramen challenge.

Yoruton Ramen LEVEL 5 ($12.90)

Chabuton Spicy Ramen - Level 5 Yoruton Ramen

The Yoruton Ramen is a ramen that boasts a strong taste of garlic. Yes garlic lovers, you will be mad about this thick and rich tonkotsu broth, and spicy lovers, you will love the huge dollop of special chilli paste that will be spammed on top of your level 5 Yoruton Ramen.

There are a total of 5 levels of spiciness which you can scale according to your taste buds:

Level 1 - Suitable for those with a low tolerance for spicy food

Level 2 - Just a little spice to stimulate the taste buds

Level 3 - For those who are feeling adventurous

Level 4 - For self-professed chilli lovers that can withstand the fieriness

Level 5 - WARNING: Tongue-torching and nose watering!

Chabuton Spicy Ramen challenge
"I just signed a contract with the toilet"

And the bell strikes, signalling the start of our conquest of the level 5 Yoruton Ramen! (And also the start of the protest of our tongue, lungs, stomach and intestines)

Chabuton Spicy Ramen challenge - Evilbean Joey Ching How

There is a SIGNIFICANT spiciness difference depending on the pace you are eating. The burning sensation is multiplied TENFOLD when you are trying to finish a bowl of piping hot soup with the spicy sensation on your tongue. I could hear my tongue screaming "STOP EVILBEAN STOP! PLEASE..." while I poured down the soup into my mouth.

It seemed like an eternity. The amount of noodles kept growing and the soup seemed to replenish itself.

Chabuton Spicy Ramen challenge - Evilbean Joey Ching How

Chabuton Spicy Ramen challenge - Group Photo

We were all glad that we were alive after the challenge. And with just a stroke of luck, I was the 1st to finish the bowl of Level 5 ramen!

Chabuton Spicy Ramen challenge - Evilbean Joey Ching How

Check out behind-the-spicy-scenes videos on my YouTube channel:

As well as this video from Chabuton Facebook page:

Here's the Video ..... for Millenia Walk Grand Opening and of cos with the bloggers Spicy Ramen challenge. Enjoy!!!
Posted by Chabuton on Monday, 1 June 2015

Chabuton Spicy Ramen Challenge - Loyalty Card

Are you up for the challenge as well?

From now till 31 July 2015, you will receive a stamp with every order of the Yoruton Ramen. With every 5 stamps collected, you will receive cash vouchers! What's more, the completed card will also be entered in the Grand Lucky Draw, where you will stand a chance to win an iPhone 6 Plus! WHOOO!

There are four iPhone 6 plus to be won, so chances are high if you are a hardcore ramen lover like me. Good luck to all of you, and remember, stock up on your toilet paper. You will need it.

Chabuton Millenia Walk

Chabuton Millenia Walk

 #02-15, Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Boulevard, 
Singapore 039596
Nearest MRT: Promenade Station
Tel: +65 6837 0335
Opening Hours: 

Daily: 11:30 am - 10:00 pm

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  1. Wow!! I would really love to challenge to Level 5! Kudos for completing it!


    1. Hello Miriam!

      HAHA thank you! You need to come by Singapore soon :D


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