Food Review - Samyang Chicken Flavour Ramen (Spiciest Instant Noodles!)

Friday, June 20, 2014

You might have seen this post on my Instagram (@Evilbean). Be warned that this is an extremely dangerous food review. You might be tempted to try this after reading this review, but, DON'T. I don't want to lose a reader of my blog. THE SPICINESS OF THIS RAMEN FROM SAMYANG IS NOT A JOKE...

IT. IS. FUCKING. SPICY. (Yes, the f-word came out so it is REALLY SPICY)

You have been warned.

Anyways, I saw this packet of ramen from Korea in i-Econ minimart, and the packaging really attracted me, especially the "EXTREMELY SPICY" wording. Evilbean really likes his things hot (*winks), so despite the $6.90 pricetag (!!!), Evilbean won over #auntiebean and bought home the packet of noodles, as well as a bottle of sugarless green tea from Heaven & Earth just in case something happens. And something really happened. 

 Samyang Chicken Flavour Ramen ($6.90), Heaven and Earth Ayataka Japanese Green Tea ($2)

Samyang Chicken Flavor Ramen

I conquered the Level 4 Mala burger McDonald's had launched a few weeks ago, so I thought nothing will ever faze me again. Happily, I squeezed the whole packet of the seasoning sauce, sprinkled the packet of sesame seeds and seaweed nicely in the middle, and added some of my favourite crabmeats on the side. The colour and the texture of the noodles just looked very alluring already, and I couldn't wait to take my first bite. 

This was literally how I felt after sending the noodles in my mouth:

YES, I FELT THAT MY WHOLE BODY WAS ON FIRE. I couldn't even sit still and had to move myself around (as if that helps). IT WAS SO FUCKING SPICY OMG. I WAS TEARING, AND TEARING, and I kept gulping the green tea. I finished the whole 1.5 litres of water in 58 seconds and I WAS STILL BURNING. WHAT THE SHIT, how can anyone withstand this spiciness?! Even though I was burning, I finished the whole plate of noodles because it was pretty good, but, the after burn.. GOD. 

The whole burning sensation lasted for about an hour.

Apparently, according to my blogger friend Chloe, this ramen will taste really awesome if you put just half packet of the sauce and spam lots of seaweed on it. Thank you Chloe again, I was about to dump the noodles away because I do not think I can handle that kind of burn anymore. I totally forgot that you can actually reduce the amount of sauce you put in. PFFFT I CAN HEAR YOUR BRAIN CALLING ME STUPID.

In any case, the Evilbean hereby awards Samyang Chicken Flavour Ramen as the winner of the spiciest instant noodles you can find in Singapore. Thank you for burning me alive. It was a good burning experience. You only burn once. #YOBO

Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):

  (5 for spiciness!)

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  1. The made-for-export ones they sell in SG aren't as spicy as the original sold in Korea. My wife keeps a good supply of these in our pantry, and we bring back the original every time we go back to Seoul. These are the only instant noodles I eat, since they are the only ones I actually find spicy!

    1. Oh wow you mean there is an even SPICIER one? Oh my god hahaha!

    2. Google review shows EMART HABANERO RAMEN is the spiciest. Haven't seen it yet. Have to hunt in other convenient shops...

  2. Spicy? Nah... Not really, pretty decent. In terms of package instant noodles, yes, have not been able to find a spicier one... And definitely not for those who are not used to drinking boiling hot pot soup like its nothing... If I were to rate it at the level of Monster - Devil - Lava - Volcano - Super Nova, I would say its in between Lava and Volcano level... Good luck, some might need it...

  3. Holy shit. Just bought these from an Asian shop in Norway. They look pretty good. They are in fact pretty good as well, but holy hell this is the hottest thing I've ever tasted. I almost can't finish it.


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