Food Review - McDonald's FIFA World Cup Burgers: Sweet Chilli Lime Crispy Chicken Burger

Thursday, June 26, 2014

If you follow me on my instagram (@Evilbean), you would have noticed that I am a Burgerbean. Yes, I send all kinds of burgers into my stomach because they are just so addictive to eat. Even before this invite from McDonald's, I had already tried their Spicy Brazilian Beef Picante burger. The sauce and the cheese was just fabulous! 

In any case, McDonald's, LET ME BE YOUR AMBASSADOR ALREADY! Almost 30% of my blog posts are related to you. Don't you think it's time to change your iconic Ronald McDonald to a Evilbean? *winks.  

See, I even designed this McDonaldBean for you:


Anyways, before I get to the food, I have to show you all something super cool. You all know that McDonald's french fries box is always in that same design of red and yellow right? Well, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, they changed their iconic fry box designs to celebrate FIFA World Cup 2014. The designs are so neat looking I wouldn't mind if they printed shirts with these designs. Don't believe? 

Look at all these 12 original street artworks selected from the works of over 500 artists around the world:

SO PRETTY RIGHT? And, these images are not watermarked so feel free to kope them for your projects or anything. Okay here comes the super cool part. These specially designed fry boxes are magical. YES. MAGICAL. You can only unlock the secrets to these magical fry boxes by downloading the McDonald's GOL! Mobile App

McDonald's GOL! Mobile App

The app magically transforms these specially designed World Cup fry boxes into a Augmented Reality football pitch, and trust me, it's very fascinating if you are a "suaku" like me. The magical app recognises other built-in objects in the background as obstacles and thus, you are challenged to kick the ball into the goal with all these real life obstacles blocking you. As you play, your score will be anonymously submitted to your pre-selected country's total score. Right now, Japan is leading in the first place while USA is at the second place. Check out the instructions at the back of your fry boxes for more information on how to witness this magic!

And here comes the things my alter ego #auntiebean LOVES:

Instead of paying $105 for world cup screenings, why not just go down to your nearest McDonald's and watch them for FREE? YES FREE, save $100+ dollars on the subscription fees and enjoy the free aircon and the atmosphere of watching it with other people. The list of the 24-hour restaurants screening the world cup matches can be found at

This is another awesome promotion: WIN $1000 IN WEEKLY DRAWS as long as you order McDonald's online or via the McDelivery app, with at least $20 spent in a single receipt using a Citibank Visa Card! GOOD LUCK OKAY! Jio the Evilbean out for food hunting if you win!

And then there is this series of weekend carnivals that are being held at McDonald's. I had the chance to experience it myself and it was so interesting! I shall let the pictures do the talking.

FIFA World Cup Mcdonald's Carnival 08

I was given the wristlet so that the people at the carnival will recognise me as a blogger. My friend who arrived later, thought that the wristlet was my fashion accessory. WHAAAAAAAT. I killed her with my deadly glare hahaha.

Look at these mini carnival booths!

FIFA World Cup Mcdonald's Carnival

FIFA World Cup Mcdonald's Carnival

If I remember correctly, you just need to spend $5 in a single receipt and you can exchange it for a game card at the carnival, in which you would have to complete 4 stations and then you can exchange for FREE MCDONALD'S GOODIES! #auntiebean

FIFA World Cup Mcdonald's Carnival Game Card

Station 1: Spin & Dribble

FIFA World Cup Mcdonald's Carnival

Station 2 and 3: Juggle the Ball, Penalty Shoot Out! 

FIFA World Cup Mcdonald's Carnival

FIFA World Cup Mcdonald's Carnival

Station 4: Futsal Challenge!

FIFA World Cup Mcdonald's Carnival

If you have an auntie alter ego like Evilbean, then you must be wondering: "WHAT KIND OF FREEEBIES?"

Well, if you're lucky, Coca-cola soccer balls!

FIFA World Cup Mcdonald's Carnival Prizes

And exclusive McDonald's premiums! #auntiebean *screams in delight* 

FIFA World Cup Mcdonald's Carnival Prizes

And free treats for you!

Not only that, there is also drum and Brazilian dance performances during the carnival, immersing all of us in the festive world cup mood!

FIFA World Cup Mcdonald's Carnival

FIFA World Cup Mcdonald's Carnival Hot Dancer Lady

FIFA World Cup Mcdonald's Carnival Hot Dancer Lady

FIFA World Cup Mcdonald's Carnival

From what I know, this weekend (28 June) will be the LAST of the World Cup carnival! It will be held at McDonald's Jurong Central Park, from 10am - 2pm. I might head down there again for the awesome freebies and performances as well, it will be a shame to miss it!

After having all the fun, it's finally time for us to enjoy the World Cup Burgers. As I have already tried the Spicy Brazilian Beef Picante burger, I went for the Sweet Chilli Lime Crispy Chicken Burger this time round.

Sweet Chilli Lime Crispy Chicken Burger ($7.60 for the Extra Value Meal)

Chicken Caramba - Sweet Chilli Lime Crispy Chicken Burger

Chicken Caramba - Sweet Chilli Lime Crispy Chicken Burger

Chicken Caramba - Sweet Chilli Lime Crispy Chicken Burger

This burger consists of a piece of tender, golden-crisped chicken topped with sizzling sweet and spicy chilli lime sauce, crisp mixed vegetables and a soft chilli chive bun. I really love the sauce, it's a very fail-proof combination with chili and lime. They go well together 99% of the time. Just imagine those BBQ chicken wings you order in hawker centers, in which they serve you that small dish of chili with calamansi.. I am drooling while typing this wts. 

Although the chicken patty was fried, it was still pretty tender and juicy! The buns has an extra layer of taste to it due to the addition of the chilli chive. Pretty good I must say.

Taste Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):   (4)

With the scorching summer weather in Singapore recently, this McDonald's Fiesta Lime McFizz is really really refreshing. 

McDonald's Fiesta Lime McFizz

They added something in their McFizz this time round - Nata de coco bits! This drink is a must order if you intend to eat the food below...

Samba Spicy Drumlets

This is the Samba Spicy Drumlets! There was actually a complain on McDonald's Facebook page that this Samba Spicy Drumlets is TOO SPICY. Some of the bloggers felt that the spice level of this is similar to the Fiery Mala burger that McDonald's had launched a few weeks back. If you died at Level 4, then be warned. THIS.IS.SPICY. 

For this world cup season, you can literally just spend the whole day in McDonald's as there are so many things happening! You can play with your fry boxes with the Gol! app, immerse yourself in the carnival games and performances, and watch World Cup matches for FREE in the FREE air-con! Why spend money on entertainment, when you can be entertained the whole day in McDonald's.... FOR FREE, AND GET FREEBIES?


Ronald Mcdonald

I couldn't resist and shamelessly asked for a photo with this statue-that-came-alive!

Evilbean with Ronald Mcdonald

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, my McDonald's life is complete! Thank you so much for the invite again GolinHarris and McDonald's!

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