Best Internships for Singaporean Students?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Best Internships for Singaporean Students?

It's the summer holidays again! And it is at this time when the student population in Singapore is divided into 2 camps:

- Eh, where got lobang for part-time jobs?

- Eh, where should I intern at?

Finding the right internship is as hard as finding the right girlfriend/boyfriend, if not, harder. In relationships, at least there is a chance to break off amicably when you don't think he/she is the right one. 

However, you are courting for death if you think you can just quit after committing to the internship. Not only would there be a barrage of bad reviews on your work performance and attitude, you also risk a bad reputation which would affect your chances of landing a good job.

Shocked Face

You have probably heard that internships are really just jobs with lots of "saikang" and is the worst possible 'ship' you can get aboard: pouring coffee, photocopying notes or doing cold calls to get sales leads for the company are just some of the long list of mundane work that you have to do for that 3-6 months. 

Add long hours, late payment of salaries or not receiving your full pay and finding that best internship will suddenly seem distant, that intern-'ship' sailing away into the vast ocean.

Ship Sailing Away

It is highly unlikely you would be able to find good internships in Singapore by just googling "Internship Singapore". What you need to do is to equip yourself with the knowledge of what qualities of a good internship are. Armed with this knowledge, you then filter out a list of companies offering a combination of these qualities. 

Or you can wait for the Evilbean to do that for you in this blog post. Smirk emoji

There can be a HUGE list of qualities that you might want and expect from the internship. You might not want to work O.T (overtime), not work on weekends, work location must be near to where you stay etc. These are what you WANT, but remember, the core purpose of an internship is to gain work experience and skills.

Therefore, the best internships are the ones that provide you with a combination of meaningful work, pay, perks and career opportunities. I have gathered some of which I thought are the best Singapore internship that offers you a gateway to real-world work experience without all the horror stories.

1. Intern to MACH, Microsoft

Microsoft’s Intern to MACH (Microsoft Academy for College Hires) programme for Southeast Asia is an internship that runs between two to three months. Besides the awesome factor that Microsoft will be on your resume, it has, according to experiences of past interns in Microsoft's Singapore office, a culture of working hard as well as playing hard.

Mini theatre at Microsoft’s Singapore office
"Mini theatre at Microsoft’s Singapore office"

Just look at this. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Besides this pretty theatre, they also have an in-house cafe and an open-concept office with window seats and comfy sofas. The perks are almost endless, but the biggest perk would have to be that the internship acts as a possible pathway to a full time employment with the company. Snag this Singapore internship opportunity people. 

And invite me over for movie nights okay?

2. Club Med Singapore

Club Med

This lucky girl from Temasek Polytechnic got the opportunity of a lifetime to intern at Club Med, on the island of Mauritius. Damn! A job with sandy beaches and clear waters as your "office view". Besides being able to hone your soft skills, you also get to learn how to dance, use a bow and arrow, and have meals prepared by one of the most luxurious resorts in the world.

That is how summer holidays sound like.

3. Intern2Play, Seeties

Calling the position the "coolest internship ever", this might be one of the very rare few internships in Singapore that allows you to eat and play on the job! 

Seeties Intern2Play

According to them, your typical intern day includes hunting for cool local places and hidden gems and simply "eat and play all day long".

And you get paid.

There's a saying that goes: "If things seems too good to be true, it probably is". Well, apparently this saying does not apply here. 

For more information, visit: Seeties

4. Social Media Pirate, Soundzipper

You know this internship is gonna be fun when the job responsibility is written like this:

"The ideal social media intern knows all about landlubber behavior and the psychology (that means how landlubbers think) of marketing. Be this you, matey? What better way to get your feet wet than to join our merry crew and put your online skills to work while learning new skills and strategies. Yo-ho, yo-ho, a social media life for me!  

Duration:  minimum 3 - maximum 6 months voyage.  An internship allowance will be provided (but no rum)."

In fact, the whole job description is a ton of fun to read! If you are savvy in social media, this Soundzipper definitely sounds like the internship that you will remember for life.

For more information, visit:

Now go out there and create wonderful memories of your internship! And remember to work hard, play even harder!

Work Hard Play Hard

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