Korean Movie - Twenty (스물)

Friday, June 26, 2015

Korean Movie - Twenty (스물) Movie Poster

After watching this teaser, I knew I had to catch this film:

I couldn't stop replaying and laughing out loud at that scene when Kim Woo Bin got his tongue scalded. There is also something about his character in this film that is super funny! 

Korean Movie - Twenty (스물) Movie Stills
"Are our shoes dried yet? Can we go back to aircon already?"

Movie Title - Twenty (스물)

Kim Woo Bin Laughing (Yeap, this is a picture of Woo Bin laughing. Because comedy.)

Synopsis: This is a movie depicting the lives of 3 guys who had just turned twenty. 
Their friendship was forged in the most unusual way, but then again, there is really no "proper way" to become friends. Perhaps, the most 'real' friendships are forged when you meet and mingle through the most unorthodox way.

Korean Movie - Twenty (스물) Kim Woo Bin
"Kim Woo Bin as Chi-ho"

Kim Woo Bin plays Chi-ho, who is a player that can steal any girl's heart. That includes getting away with touching a girl's boobs and having that same girl fall in love with him. THAT SKILL. TEACH ME SENPAI.

Korean Movie - Twenty (스물) Lee Jun Ho 2PM
"Lee Jun Ho (from 2PM) as Dong-woo"

Lee Jun Ho from 2PM plays Dong-woo, who is penniless after his family went bankrupt. He juggles between several jobs as the sole breadwinner for the family, and throughout this, you can see his internal struggle between his aspiration and reality. He is the most mature out of the three, as he is forced to grow up quickly due to his difficult circumstances.

Korean Movie - Twenty (스물) Kang Ha Neul
"Kang Ha Neul as Gyeong-jae"

Kang Ha Neul from the recent Korean drama, Misaeng, plays Gyeong-jae, a nerd who entered a prestigious university with the goal of joining a global corporation. However, his future takes a wobbly turn when he meets an attractive senior that has a complicated relationship with her boyfriend. 

Review: First off, I am in awe of Woo Bin's acting in this one. I mean, just look at this face in this movie still:

Korean Movie - Twenty (스물) Kim Woo Bin


I absolutely loved his Chi-ho character in this film. He has that perfect blend of childishness and awesomeness. Come to think of it, he is like the Korean version of Barney Stinson! Both of them possess the same traits of immaturity and yet understands women better than any other men.

Barney Stinson - How I Met Your Mother

Kang Ha Neul and Lee Jun-ho put up a great performance as well, thereby ensuring that their individual sub-plots are holding up on their own. You would be able to find yourself identifying with some of the problems and dilemmas they faced, like: 

- Pursuing your dreams or being real?

- One sided love

- Masturbation horrors

- Sex

- Bearing grudges?

All these are issues we have either faced before or are facing now. Therefore, it is easy to become emotionally attached to the characters. For myself, Dong-woo's struggle between pursuing dreams and giving in to reality hit close to heart.

Although there isn't any plot climax, the pacing of the movie was just right - thanks to the directing and storytelling. One of the most memorable scene would have to be the extended slow-mo fighting scene in the restaurant. It was HILARIOUS! I was in tears and my thigh was all red due to my incessant slapping! Look forward to that scene, especially Woo Bin's body gags. 

This movie is a joy to watch, with story arcs that are close to our hearts. Grab a few friends and watch it together, and then after the movie, 
you all can gather and reminiscent the past while having a few beers/soju, just like what the 3 characters often do!

Special shoutout to Lee Yu-bi, who plays the younger sister of Gyeong-jae: Her character and personality in this movie is too cute! Heart Eyes emoticon

Korean Movie - Twenty (스물) Lee Yu-bi

Stay back for: What are you staying back for?! Time (and age) waits for no one.

Twenty - Korean Movie

Movie Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):


Korean Movie - Twenty (스물) Kim Woobin, Kang Ha-neul, Lee Jun-ho

 Twenty 스물 (NC16)
Running Time: 115 minutes 
Release Date: 25/06/2015

Thank you Clover Films for the preview tickets! Twenty is exclusively available only at GV theatres.

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