[ViewQwest Entry] The Similarity between Viewqwest and Usain Bolt

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Viewqwest and Usain Bolt

When you think of Usain Bolt, you will link him with?

"Speed!" said the voice inside your head.

Thus, the similarity between Usain Bolt and ViewQwest?

"They are both fast!"

We have good chemistry, you and I. We should play charades together someday.

Yes, the similarity between Usain Bolt and ViewQwest, one of the Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Singapore, is that they are both the fastest in their own field, setting records for their competitors.

The records from Usain Bolt is nothing short of godlike, and nothing describes it better than a screenshot of his achievements:

Usain Bolt Olympic Games
Source: Wikipedia.com

Usain Bolt Gold Medals
"What is wearing watches when I can wear my gold medals?" 

Widely regarded as the fastest person ever, Usain Bolt is the first man to win six Olympic gold medals in sprinting, and an eight-time World champion. This guy sets world records like nobody else. He sets the highest benchmarks for his competitors, and that is exactly what ViewQwest is doing as well.

ViewQwest will be the first in the world outside of Japan to offer 2Gbps fiber broadband, which will be the fastest residential Internet connectivity in Singapore. Other ISPs, such as Singtel and M1, is currently offering fibre plans capped at 1Gbps. The 2Gbps is undergoing trials with a select group of customers, and is expected to be commercially available in early 2015, which is PRETTY SOON.

That feeling when you are the fastest is indescribable:

1. You see your downloads zoom by, filling up the green bar with rapidly jumping percentage, almost like the matrix.

2. Lag will no longer be in your dictionary. 

3. You will start to forget how the loading animation looks like:

Loading gif
"Thank god this is a gif"

And all that are just some of the benefits of having a connection that is 2 times faster than what other ISPs can offer. That is like being a man in a relationship game, and having a size that is 2 times bigger than other men... 

WALLET. The size of your wallet. With more cash, you will be able to take your date out for more memorable dinners. What were you thinking?! Smirk Emoji

The 2Gbps speed that you would be getting would be the actual speed, which means that there is no throttling of bandwidth (Read more about Bandwidth Throttling in my next few writeups). I, for one, would definitely be one of the first in line to sign up for this Usain Bolt internet speed when it comes. Will you join me as well, in being one of the first few to experience the fastest fiber broadband in the world?

(From now till the week of April 20th, I will be writing weekly entries on topics about ViewQwest, being one of the finalist for their Couch Potato contest! Wish the Evilbean luck!)

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