Food Review - Salt Tapas and Bar (Raffles Place)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Salt Tapas and Bar (Raffles Place)

There are some F&B that will give you a hint of what their food just by their names. Salt Tapas & Bar is one of them. Yes, salt. Lots of it.

It’s all about enhancing and accentuating the natural taste of the ingredients." - Chef Luke Mangan.

"It's all about how salty can one go." - Evilbean, after eating at Salt Tapas & Bar.

"But wait, you gave this restaurant #4evilbeans?"

Yes, some of the food were salty, but there are Spiced Cashew Nuts, Prawn Taco, Ham & Cheese Omelette and Churros which were simply delightful! 

Roasted Garlic Flat Bread with Romesco ($8) 

Salt Tapas and Bar - Roasted Garlic Flat Bread with Romesco

Roasted Garlic Flat Bread with Romesco is their house bread. The flat bread is made with flour, milk, yeast and water, topped with garlic confit and served with the romesco sauce. You can taste the effort put into the sauce - they mix roasted bell pepper, hazelnut and whole peeled tomato and cook them together over low heat to extract the flavour. 

I loved the sauce as it has a rich tomato flavour and the garlic makes everything more aromatic. I would have preferred the bread to be completely crispy, almost to biscuit texture though, but that is just my personal taste preference because I just love crispy stuff.

Parma Prosciutto ($15)

Salt Tapas and Bar - Parma Prosciutto

The Parma Prosciutto is simply Italy Parma Ham, cured for at least two years. I am amazed by how salty some people can take, but this was as if I was devouring sea salt. This might pair very well with some red wine, but to eat it on its own feels like there is a Salt Ceremony in my mouth. 

Taco of Tempura Prawn, Pineapple Salsa, Chipotle Aioli (Small $14, Large $27)

Salt Tapas and Bar - Prawn Taco

Deep fried tiger prawn, tempura style, wrapped in tortilla skin together with iceberg lettuce and pineapple salsa. You did not read that wrong. It is TIGER PRAWN. Imagine the bite of the succulent tiger prawn together in mild spicy salsa sauce, with the crunchy texture of the fried tempura and iceberg lettuce. THIS IS REALLY GOOD. You gotta order this in large size if you love prawns and pineapples, because the small one will not be enough!

Spiced Cashew Nuts ($7)

Salt Tapas and Bar - Spiced Cashew Nuts

Okay, I am craving for this while typing this because my saliva just dripped, and my spacebar is wet. I LOVE cashew nuts, and Salt Tapas sure knows their nuts well. This was so flavourfully roasted you can hear the crunch between your teeth, while the spices that went into it spreads on the tip of your tongue, leaving the sweet taste of cashew nuts and the mild aromatic spices behind. This is a MUST ORDER because it is so perfect as an appetiser, in between your mains, and the best combination to your wines and sangrias!

Luke Sangria and White Sangria

Salt Tapas and Bar - Luke Sangria and White Sangria

Salt Tapas and Bar - Luke Sangria and White Sangria 2

The Luke Sangria is a concoction of Brandy, Cointreau, Lime juice, Orange juice, Red wine and Fruits - Lime , Lemon and Orange. The White Sangria is almost basically the same, just that it is White Wine instead of Red, and Apple Juice instead of Orange Juice. The mix of orange, lime, lemon and Cointreau (which is another orange flavoured liquer) gives the sangrias a very refreshing strong citrus flavour!

Club Sandwich with House Salad and Fries ($24)

Salt Tapas and Bar - Club Sandwich with House Salad and Fries

Salt Tapas and Bar - Club Sandwich with House Salad and Fries 2

The Club Sandwich consist of: Ciabatta Bread, Grilled Chicken Breast, Bacon, Fried Egg, Roma Tomato, Arugula and Rice Vinegar Mayo, served with House Salad with Ponzu Dressing and Fries. The bread is of the crispy texture, which I liked a lot. Looking at the ingredients, this is the "healthier choice" in the menu with the chicken breast and the salad. 

The fries are drowned in salt, so remember to request for lesser salt if you prefer it that way!

Ham and Cheese Omelette, Grilled Mushroom, Fried Potato & Tomato ($19)

Salt Tapas and Bar - Ham and Cheese Omelette

Can I praise myself? Yes? 

Retweet/reshare this photo if the egg omelette is smoother than your skin. It's amazing the greens are not sliding down the omelette. This flawless Ham and Cheese Omelette is served with Fried Potato, Roma Tomato, Grilled Sourdough and King Oyster Mushroom. Are you ready to do all the stuff from 50 Shades of Grey (i.e poke, cut and strip the omelette) to see the inside?

Salt Tapas and Bar - Ham and Cheese Omelette 2

This is not the end of egg porn. Another one is coming. A shoutout to the King Oyster Mushroom: they are awesome. Awesomely juicy and chewy.

Blackmore Wagyu Minute Steak with Poached Egg, Grilled Mushroom, Fried Potato & Tomato ($26)

Salt Tapas and Bar - Blackmore Wagyu Minute Steak

How often do you see steaks served with poached eggs? And how often will you see eggs slathering its yolk all over the cow meat? Well, you get to see everything now!

Okay stop replaying that egg porn. This is the Wagyu minute steak, and it's called a minute steak because they cook the Wagyu in just under a minute. Therefore, it is served medium to medium-well if you did not specify the doneness. 

This was a very interesting dish for me because I have not eaten steak with poached eggs before. The juicy steak and the juicy egg is quite a clever combination. However, true to its Salt Tapas name, there was quite a bit of seasalt in it, and thus, the steak tasted very salty for me. Again, this is up to individual's taste preference, as I know some friends who request for extra salt (!!) in their McDonald's fries while I am perfectly fine without any salt. 

Therefore, if you are like me, you can request them to lessen the amount of salt used in the seasoning of the Wagyu. 

Churros ($14)

Salt Tapas and Bar - Churros

Salt Tapas and Bar - Churros 1

The Churros is their most popular dessert, and it comes as a no surprise after I had a bite into it. Coated with cinnamon sugar and served with chantily cream & chocolate sauce, this is absolutely one of the BEST churros I have had in Singapore! The cream is so light it feels like it's dancing a ballet on your tongue, and it went really well with the rich chocolate sauce and the sweet cinnamon sugar. SO GOOD!

Salt Tapas and Bar Interior

There are many corners with which you can take photos of your food from, thanks to the posh, yet cozy interior. The brick walls and the bright hanging lamps are a very nice touch to the whole cozy ambience. Adding on to the ambience is the friendly service from the staff, who constantly checks on you and serves every dish with a smile. This is something that is very rare nowadays.

If you have noticed, the menu is a fusion of Japanese and Australian, with things like Tempura, Egg Omelette and Wagyu beef. The head chef, Chef Ronald, will be coming up with more fusion items to delight our tastebuds, so this is definitely a place to revisit to check out for new items. Of course, you can also follow their Facebook page to stay updated of their menu and promotions.

For enquiry and reservations, visit for more details. 

Restaurant Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):

Evilbean's last words/recommendation:
- Friendly service, great fusion food and a posh yet cozy ambience makes this a place of choice to spend your weekend mornings at.
- MUST-ORDER: Spiced Cashew Nuts, Prawn Taco, Churros, Ham and Cheese Omelette 

Salt Tapas and Bar (Raffles Place) Exterior

Salt Tapas and Bar

#01-22A, Raffles City Shopping Centre No 252
 North Bridge Road 
Singapore 179103
Nearest MRT line: Raffles City Station
Tel: +65 6837 0995

Opening Hours: 
Mon - Thurs: 11.30 am – 10.00 pm, drinks till 11.30 pm
Fri: 11.30 am – 11.00 pm, drinks till 11.30 pm
Sat: 11.30 am – 10.30 pm, drinks till 11.30 pm
Sun & Public Holidays: 11.30 am – 9.30 pm, drinks till 10.00 pm

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