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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Best ISP

In my previous article, I wrote about 5 ways to be truly free and taking control of your life. And a big part of our life in this age constitute of this thing:

The Internet.

Ever since the downgrade from 12gb mobile data to just a mere 2gb for most of us, we jump for joy when we get home and see this on our phone:

Wifi Logo
Source: tixeertne.wordpress.com


The long day of holding back the desire to check your Instagram and Facebook, for fear of bursting your data plan, is finally over. It's like the feeling that girls get:

Ryan Higa Girly things
Source: https://www.facebook.com/higatv?fref=ts

It's the time of the day when the signal strength is strong and everything loads fast on your phone. Besides that, we will also boot up our laptop/computer and start streaming the latest drama or to watch the latest Night Owl Cinematics video from YouTube. And also the type of stuff guys will want to watch at night...

Like WWE and MMA fighting. Smirk Emoji

Internet is (a huge part of) our life. And that means it is integral for us to choose wisely which Internet Service Provider (ISP) should be in our lives. Most of us will base our decision based on the factors below:

1. Speed

We live in a fast pace world... okay that's what we tell ourselves. The actual fact is we are getting less patient. We want the website/video to load instantaneously. If it even lags for one second, we will start tapping our phone screen irritably. 

That 20838 overseas photo that you took on your last overseas trip? You want them all on Facebook in 10 seconds. You scream obscenities and tweet about how slow your internet is if it takes forever to upload.

Slow Speed Internet Download Frustrated
Source: www.dreamstime.com

Speed is one of the most important factor in the decision of our ISP. A fast internet connection ensures that we get everything done in the least amount of time, because we all know how precious that 2 to 3 hours are - from the time you get off from work to the time you need to sleep. 

So, who has the fastest internet speed in Singapore right now?

2. Customer Service

Today might be your unlucky day. For some reasons, your Wifi signal isn't appearing on your phone screen even though you turned on the network router. Or you aren't sure whether the Internet is down at your area or it's just you. 

Wouldn't it be great if there are multiple channels with which the ISP can answer your queries promptly? Like through their Facebook, or even Hardwarezone Forum?

Or being so satisfied with the customer service that you are willing to take the extra effort to write a review to thank them?

3. Free Upgrades

Some ISP focuses their marketing on getting new customers. "Sign up with us right now and get this, this, and that!" But what about us, who are already your customers? 

Well, sorry. For most of the ISPs, you don't get shit.

But of course, there will always be a premium boutique ISP that aims to differentiate themselves. If you are their loyal customers, you will get to enjoy the occasional freebies from them. 

Like, if you are on their 1gbps contract and they have recently just upgraded their infrastructure to a 2gbps bandwidth. Thinking about switching to the faster one? No need to think.

They upgrade your 1gbps to 2gbps.. FOR FREE.

Amazed gif
Source: http://giphy.com/gifs/reaction-excited-amazed-pa0maFWuUG4uY

4. Transparent and Honest

Have you heard of "Bandwidth throttling"? This is when there is an intentional slowing of Internet service by an Internet service provider. You might be paying for a 1Gbps Fibreplan, but when you see the download speed, it is actually substantially lower. This practice is usually justified as "improving performance and fair allocation of bandwidth".

Uhhhhhhhhh. I believe that for me to feel "fair", I should be getting what I am paying for. Not throttling my bandwidth to ensure a "fair allocation".

Everyone loves a transparent and honest company - a company that do not try to cover up with deceit but instead, is glad to provide information about their company policies.

5. Price...?

Of course, the plans that you are going to sign up for should be value for money. Your eyes might be hovering around the cheapest offering, but is the cheapest always the best? 

Good Cheap Fast
Source: bencoomber.com

Remember, staying connected to the internet is a huge part of our lives. Besides the pricing, we would also need to take into the factors mentioned above, and consider that maybe, that additional price you pay for that Fibernet plan is for the 12-24 months of quality assurance.

I am not gonna decide for you. You are in control of your life, you decide for yourself. 

(Or you can click all the links in this post and read the evidence for yourself!)

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  1. What has your experience been like since you started using ViewQwest?

    -Scott (Edelman for ViewQwest)

    1. Hi Scott!

      I believe there are some things in life which you would have to experience yourself. When I was with my previous ISP, I thought: "This might be the limits of Singapore's Internet". I am not a tech-savvy person, so I wouldn't know how to tweak my internet and router settings for the best speed etc.

      But now that I have ViewQwest as my ISP, my downloads are just so much faster, which makes me feel that I have just gotten more free time after work! Previously when I was waiting for a torrent to finish, I would "waste" time browsing other websites. My waiting time is halved now, meaning I get to watch more drama episodes and more HD YouTube videos. It is as if ViewQwest added an extra hour or 2 to my daily life. The convenient setup and installation is also a blessing for tech-noob like me. That is on top of the prompt customer service I mentioned in this post.

      You would have to experience it yourself to know that your life can actually be so much better!


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