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Saturday, April 11, 2015

How to torrent like a pro

Perhaps, after reading my previous #ViewQwest posts, you finally decided to let ViewQwest be your Internet Service Provider (Best decision ever by the way). You have enjoyed the fast surfing speeds, the awesome ViewQwest TV and the VPN that were bundled together in your fibernet package. 

But now, it's time to take it up a notch and see the full potential and capabilities of being a proud owner of the soon-to-be-fastest residential Internet connectivity in Singapore...



It's Morphin' Time - Power Rangers Gif
"He's my all-time favourite ranger by the way"

If you are absolutely clueless about torrenting, don't worry. By the end of this blogpost, you will be torrenting like a pro. 

If you are already a pro, there might still be some tips that you can pick up from this post. 

If you are well-versed in the arts of torrenting, well.....you can just replay that Power Ranger clip above for nostalgic giggles.

1. Choosing a BitTorrent Client

You would need a client to manage your downloads, and I would strongly recommend uTorrent. Besides being the #1 BitTorrent download client on desktops worldwide, it is also lightweight and will not hog your system resources. You can download uTorrent from www.utorrent.com.

2. Finding your torrent files

This site provides a list of 30 places where you can LEGALLY download torrents. There are a ton of short films, books and indie music from which you can choose to download from. Since they are intended for free distribution, these torrents will not get you in trouble with the copyrights law.

3. Good Number of Seeds and Peers

The next thing you would need to look out for is the number of people that are seeding. Seed is a person who has the same torrent file opened in their client, but they have already completed the file download and are now "seeding" - sharing the file with peers but not downloading any parts of the file from others. 

Seeds and Peers
Source: http://www.wikihow.com/

You will never be able to finish the download if there are 0 seeders. Therefore, look for files that have a good number of seeds and peers in order to get that file quickly.

4. ISP Throttling

If you are not on ViewQwest, you might be experiencing slow download speed for your torrent file. One likely reason might be that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is throttling your download speed. Throttling is when there is an intentional slowing of Internet service by an ISP. This practice is usually justified as "improving performance and fair allocation of bandwidth". 

Girl Eye Roll gif
Source: http://giphy.com/

One workaround is that you can encrypt your torrents. By encrypting your torrents, it will help prevent your ISP from identifying BitTorrent traffic.

On your uTorrent client, go to Options>Preferences>BitTorrent>Protocol Encryption> Change to Enabled.

uTorrent Outgoing Protocol Encryption

Of course, the easiest workaround is to sign up with an ISP that doesn't throttle your bandwidth. I mean, just look at the speeds one of the ViewQwest user is having on his torrents:

ViewQwest torrent speed

A 260GB file can be completed within 8-9 hours! TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY GIG in under 9 hours is like Usain-Bolt fast! (Virtual Hi 5 if you read my Usain Bolt post!)

5. Unblock your Firewall

Another thing you would need to do in order to torrent like a pro, is to unblock your BitTorrent client on your firewall settings to permit all connections to be made by your BitTorrent client for downloading files. You can access your firewall by going to Control Panel>System and Security>Windows Firewall.

Click on "Allow a Program or Feature through Windows Firewall."

Allow a Program or Feature through Windows Firewall

Put a tick next to uTorrent to unblock it and click the OK button to save your settings.

Firewall unblock utorrent

6. Upgrade your Internet Plan

There is only so much you can do on the software side. To speed past your downloads, you would still need an Internet connection that will give you the download speed that you desire. 

If you are still on traditional broadband, it's MORPHIN' TIME!

It's Morphin' Time Red Ranger
Source: www.tumblr.com

Shit, I think I am addicted to saying this. 

I meant to say, it's UPGRADE TIME. With our lives being more integrated with Internet and the need of being online constantly, you would need to have a Fibernet; Fibernet is a necessity in this era.

If you are already an owner of Fibernet, CONGRATULATIONS! With this blogpost, you are all set with the basic settings of torrenting! You can now torrent to your heart's content and be amazed at the speed capabilities of having a fibre optic connection. 

P.S: Power Rangers is getting a movie reboot in 2016! REJOICE!

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  1. Nice post, thanks for sharing.

    1. No problem Jessica, it is my wish to see everyone become a torrent pro! :D

  2. In regions with strict restrictions and laws to imprison torrent and P2P users, the best alternative is using a P2P Torrent VPN. This seems to be a trend that has been happening in countries such as Australia and the USA, where local law firms representing Dallas Buyers Club LLC — the company that owns the rights to the movie — have sent out threatening letters to individuals who have allegedly downloaded the movie illegally. Dont forget to switch on vpn before downloading any torrents.

    1. Yes I have read about it! Thanks for the tip Willie! VPN is such a savior in this age!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. yes i am totally agree with you that p2p protocol vpn service is best for torrenting. Although all vpns are not provide all types pf protocols so i will suggest to reviews about best vpn service provides as per their vpnranks_com for selecting the fast service. http://www.vpnranks.com/torrent-vpn


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