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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I LOVEEEEEE eggs. I can slurp 3 eggs EVERYDAY for my breakfast. Therefore, I am always on a hunt for awesome, orgasmic poached eggs. Just like the correct way to eat a Kitkat is to: 

1. Run your thumb down the smooth, sexy tin foil
2. Break them into half and eat them separately

The correct way of eating poached eggs is to:

1. Put the whole egg in your mouth GENTLY without spilling the egg yolk inside.
2. Caress the poached egg by licking the surface of the egg white, then BITE it.
3. Feel the tsunami of smooth runny egg yolk washing up the shores of your tongue
4. Cue orgasmic face

Thank the awesome Evilbean for teaching you on how to slurp eggs!

Went out for cafe-hunting at Duxton area, after seeing this list from Burpple. My aim is to have my take on these 20 cafes that they have recommended and sort them out with my ratings on them.

The Plain

Darling's Eggs ($7.50)

Darling's Eggs

Poached eggs with ham, cheese & roma tomatoes on sourdough toast. The tomato makes the toast tastier to noms, after slurping the whole poached egg. The bread was toasted just nice with enough crisp. But nothing outstanding.

Dean's Breakfast ($7)

Poached eggs with melted cheese & vegemite on sourdough toast. The poached egg was without the hollandaise sauce, so for those who like to slurp the whole egg, it's a tad plain and not as orgasmic. The Vegemite sauce was too salty for me. But for the price of $7, it is okay. 

Hot Mocha ($4)


This mocha is nice! The chocolate syrup complemented the aroma of the coffee. The froth was good - smooth and creamy. 

I love the cafe's concept of half serving. It allows people to try out more food, and more importantly, allows cafe-hoppers to hop more cafes! But there are no desserts in this cafe, and based on the dishes I have tried, the food is nothing spectacular or note-worthy. 

Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):


Evilbean's last words/recommendation:
- Drink their coffee

Department of Caffeine

Mörk extra dark cacao 85% ($6.50)

This dark chocolate IS SUPERBLY SUPER! Firstly, for just $6.50, YOU GET TWO SERVINGS of their hot chocolate! That glass bottle you see on the left is for you to refill! WOW! #auntiebean

Secondly, if you are here for sweet desserts like me, this drink will COMPLEMENT all your sweet noms noms. The drink is wonderfully rich in chocolate aroma, and since it is 85% cacao, there is not a slightest hint of sweetness - just pure chocolate bliss. There are many great coffees in Singapore, but not many serves great hot cocoa. ORDER THIS.

Buttermilk Waffles with Butter Rum Bananas ($14)

Every single cafe-guides recommends their buttermilk waffles, including Burpple and 

HUH. The waffles was okay-ish to me, it was light but it wasn't crispy. The bananas felt like that have been soaking in rum forever, it was a little soggy for me. The saving grace for this is the ICE-CREAM.. SO GOOOOOD, which according to their menu, is the PREMIUM NEW ZEALAND NATURAL vanilla ice-cream. Went to google about this ice-cream and found out that this New Zealand ice-cream actually won the top 1 spot in a taste test! (Credits:

I gobbled the ice-cream.

Churros & Chocolate ($12.50)   

The churros were too loose. A good churros should be CRISPY and CHEWY. The churros served here crumbles instantly in your mouth, so all you get after the great crumbling of the flour is the sugar coating+chocolate. Some people might like this fluffier texture, but le bean prefers the chewy version for churros.

Lemon Yogurt Cake ($6.00) 

Did I mention how refreshing and fluffy this cake is? Oh, this is the first sentence..


The yogurt+lemon topping is so delicious when you pair it with the fluffy cake! I love it! This is a MUST-ORDER if you love yogurt. 

Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):


Evilbean's last words/recommendation:
- Great place for desserts! If you are cafe-hopping around Duxton, put this place in the last because you wouldn't want to leave! 
- MUST-ORDER: Mörk extra dark cacao 85%, Lemon Yogurt Cake

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