Food Review - Logcake from Marina Mandarin and Eggnogs

Thursday, December 26, 2013

HOHOHO! I hoped you had a JOLLY MERRY Christmas this year! For me, I NOMS so much festive food and snacks these few days I probably gained like 10kg of fats on my cheeks.

"No hope for my chubby cheeks ;.;"

I had previously posted about the Five Interesting Christmas Snacks for your Christmas Party! and had asked everyone of you to #YOLO with me and try out the eggnogs! Well, if you have tried, you will understand wai the eggnog-culture is not adopted in our sunny Singapore. I had also ordered the Christmas logcake from Marina Mandarin and let me tell you.. IT WAS AWESOMES!

"Chocolate Truffle Logcake from Marina Mandarin"

If you are a chocolate lover, this cake is a little piece of chocolate paradise for you! The cake is rich and smooth, and what made it great was that they filled the inside of the cake with chocolate truffle.. that juicy chocolate fudge oozing out as you dig into the cake with your fork was #foodporn to my eyes. If you like the cakes from Awfully Chocolate, you will also love this logcake! For only $49, I am impressed. Would definitely buy cakes from Marina Mandarin again, as long as there is discount. #auntiebean

Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):


The highlight for the Christmas feast this year for me has definitely gotta be the eggnog that I have been wanting to try.

"In preparation for the Eggnogs"

According to the instructions on the back of the eggnog carton, there are 2 ways you can prepare eggnogs. The first is an eggnog punch, and the second is an eggnog latte. I decided to try out the eggnog latte because the punch is slightly harder to prepare...


After mixing the coffee, milk and garnishing it with Milo powder, the end result was a drink that taste like condensed milk.

Yeap. Tasted like someone just pour the whole can of condensed milk into your cup and added in some spices. It was nice for the first sip, but the subsequent sips you feel so sick of the thick, creamy milk taste you just wouldn't drink it again. Now I know WAI we never pick up this eggnog-drinking-culture. And this might be the reason wai we don't see any cafes selling eggnog lattes. I have a feeling that the eggnog punch is tastier though!

Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):


Nevertheless, at least I have finally tried how eggnog taste like. Instead of staying in our comfort zones, we should always venture out of it and try something new every once in a while, because the universe has so much to offer to us. Besides, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. Even if you don't dare to try some of the things, there is always this kuku talkingevilbean who will try and review it for you, right? LOL.

Let's look forward to the NEW YEAR SOON!

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