Food Review - Cooksi Rice Noodle with Kimchi Flavored Soup

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

For the very first food review from the talkingevilbean, I shall be reviewing and rating..

INSTANT CUP NOODLES! How unique is that! 

If you lead a busy lifestyle, or you are simply A LAZY ASS like me, you will agree with me that these instant heavenlies are the BEST INVENTION EVAR! But sometimes, you grow tired and bored of the usual suspects like:

Nissin Cup Noodles (TOM YUM IS DA BEST)

Koka is the Healthier choice, but no one eats them

Nong Shim IS HEAVENLY on cold days

Therefore, I am always on the hunt for interesting cup noodles, especially when I am abroad, because sometimes, just by looking at what flavours the supermarket are carrying gives you an insight into the local taste buds!

 Cooksi - Rice Noodle with Kimchi Flavored Soup

Step 1

Step 2


This is surprisingly very nice! The texture is like "mian xian" which your mum will cook for you on your birthdays - soft, chewy and slurpy! 

The kimchi flavour is just nice as it is not too spicy, so it makes the whole noming process very enjoyable since you do not have to pause and wipe away your sweat. 

Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):

You can find this brand in Cold Storage, or you can order it from Korean Gmarket HERE

Look at how much these korean kids enjoy the noodles!

After you have gone out to hunt for this, tell me whether you can resist slurping up the soup! For me, I licked the whole box clean - I am a good licker.. Winks

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