[Pokemon GO] TOP 3 Best Gym Attackers and Defenders (as of latest update)!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Pokemon GO - Best Pokemon Attackers and Defenders

So, by now, after camping endless nights at Hougang Ave 10 or Vivocity, you should have a couple of Pokemons that you are just raring to upgrade. But, do you know that besides looking at the CP (Combat Power), one of the other VERY IMPORTANT factor to be the very best is the MOVESET of your Pokemons? (If you are the insane hardcore ones, you might also want to look into IV, but seriously, the difference is negligible)

The awesome people at thesilphroad.com has come out with a list of moves that deals, in gamer terms, the most DPS (Damage Per Second), as well as moves that defends the best. Based on their research, here are the TOP 3 Pokemons you should DEFINITELY focus on spamming your stardust on, if you have them:

Pokemon GO - Best Pokemon Attackers and Defenders

And here are the TOP 10 non-legendary Pokemons that have the BEST ATTACKING STATS:

Best attack in pokemon go - Evilbean

These are the TOP 10 non-legendary Pokemons that have the BEST DEFENDING STATS:

Best defense in pokemon go - Evilbean

Now that you are equipped with these awesome information, it's time for you to own some gyms with your best Pokemons. 

Just don't come take over mine. Unless you're #TeamMystic. GO BLUE!

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