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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Usana MySmartShake Review - Lifestyle Blogger Evilbean

Do you know that our body actually requires FATS? Yes, fats actually provide nutrition that is essential for:

- Growth
- Energy
- Brain and other vital organ function
- Metabolism
- Hormone health
- Healthy skin, eyes, and bones
- Reproductive health


eating chips gif

There is actually this thing called BAD FATS and GOOD FATS. Bad fats (usually from processed food and those goddamn potato chips) can cause obesity, heart diseases and diabetes. 

Good fats (from coconut, palm and seasame oils, fish and beef) help to increase your HDL good cholesterol levels, which removes other forms of cholesterol in your blood stream.

Let's face it, our diet of Chai Png and Hokkien Mee is not healthy. Coupled with the fact that Singaporeans work some of the longest hours in the world means that our diets are often unbalanced. 

But, if there's a simple solution to bridge that nutritional gap for a healthier lifestyle, would you do it? I would.

And that simple solution is this new low-glycemic load protein-based shake called MySmartShake!

Usana MySmartShake - Personalised protein shake

The cool thing about MySmartShake from USANA is that you can create your own protein shake based on your personal health goals and taste preferences!

It's, literally, as easy as 1-2-3 with MySmartShake with these 3 steps:

1. Choose a protein base - whey or soy.
2. Choose a Flavour Optimiser - Dark Chocolate, Cappuccino, Banana, Orange Creme, or stick with the mild vanilla flavour of the base.
3. Add in a booster.

Usana MySmartShake - Personalised protein shake (Chocolate)
(Flavour Optimiser - Dark Chocolate)

Usana MySmartShake - Personalised protein shake (Orange)
(Flavour Optimiser - Orange Creme)

Usana MySmartShake - Personalised protein shake

Okay, maybe 4 steps. The last step is to SHAKE IT:

Usana MySmartShake - Personalised protein shake gif

And honestly, the taste of the protein shake is not bad at all! It's like a no-sugar, richer version of a chilled chocolate milk! Packed with complete proteins, reduced levels of simple carbohydrates, coconut oil as a healthy source of saturated fat and no refined sugar, MySmartShake fills your tummies in the most healthy and tasty way!

Now, probably the most important part of information that will determine your decision to purchase: 

What benefits will I see or feel after taking MySmartShake, and how long will it take to have any result e.g. weight loss?

Results might vary across individuals, but a weight reduction of 2kg a month with MySmartShake would be sustainable. PLUS, if you are boosting your shake with the Fibergy Plus, the extra dietary fibre will help cleanse your system by supporting your body's natural detoxification processes!

I have only been on the shake for a week, will definitely update this space in a month's time if there is any weight loss!

Here's the price list of MySmartShake:

Usana MySmartShake Price List Singapore
For more information, visit If you would like to purchase MySmartShake, simply drop an email to and they will process your personalised order from there.


Besides MySmartShake, I am also supplementing my diet with MyHealthPak, which is a COMPLETELY CUSTOMISED selection of nutritionals based on your personal dietary needs. No more googling every single vitamins/supplements to determine what suits you. 

Let MyHealthPak do the job for you. 

This is my own customised supplement pack, which was determined by a 15 minutes step-by-step survey that decides what kind of supplements are right for me.

Usana MyHealthPak - Singapore

Usana MyHealthPak - Singapore

Usana MyHealthPak - Singapore
(1 month supply of AM/PM packs)

Usana MyHealthPak - Singapore
(My name is even printed on each individual pack!)

The system makes it very easy for me to get better nutrition in a very easy, hassle-free way. 

Besides, USANA is a trusted brand amongst many nutritional experts and their vitamins are listed in the Physician Desk Reference (PDR), which means they follow pharmaceutical grade manufacturing practices. 

High quality, safe and scientifically proven. That is all I need to feel assured! 

For more information on USANA, visit and their Facebook page

Thank you Usana Singapore, Denise, and The Influencer Network for sending these over to me!

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