Longplay - Falling in love with Bar Grubs!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Longplay (Bugis) - Late night bar

I have recently taken a fond liking for bar grubs, as their quality of the food continues to impress me. The first bar that blew me away was Joo Bar, which I went back to numerous times because:

1. It's Korean 
2. Awesome makgeolli
3. Awesome food

The latest one? This. 

Longplay (Bugis) - Late night bar

Located in Bugis, Longplay is a vinyl-only themed bar in Singapore. You are instantly taken into another world the moment you step inside.

Longplay (Bugis) - Late night bar

I really love how there is a mirror for you to.. you know, do lots of things. 

Longplay (Bugis) - Late night bar

Like taking a selfie.

Longplay (Bugis) - Late night bar

Or to check your teeth for food bits. Or to take discreet peeks at the people sitting behind you. Black moon face emoji


Longplay (Bugis) - Negroni

Longplay (Bugis) - Negroni

We were there during the Negroni week, where they donate $2 for every Negroni purchased. Although I am an Evilbean, I do like doing charity from time to time, so, why not? 

I like how they will customise your drink according to your taste preference. We asked for something minty for one Negroni, and something less bitter and more sweet for another. We thought that the gin could be stronger though.

Buttermilk Chicken ($12)

Longplay (Bugis) - Buttermilk Chicken

Longplay (Bugis) - Buttermilk Chicken

This was what made me want to visit this place; the sheer mention of BUTTERMILK was enough to make me chope a table in advance. And I was not disappointed.

The batter was so crispy, yet light and not oily at the same time! The coronation sauce that came along with this was simply PERFECT. I was shedding tears of joy while eating this.

Tears of joy gif

Smoked Spiced Almonds ($6)

Longplay (Bugis) - Smoked Spiced Almonds

I love how fragrant these almonds were. With an abundant of spices and a few dashes of salt, this is the PERFECT complement to your beer.  Do not underestimate its portion - we had to play games in order to finish the whole plate!

Pork Collar ($24)

Longplay (Bugis) - Pork Collar

Their Pork Collar was served along with Confit Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts, Pancetta, Apple Puree and Merquen Crumbs. DAMNNNN this was AMAZING. Can we first talk about how cute those brussel sprouts are? They look just as cute as Baby Dory in their mini forms!

Baby dory gif

Nothing can really go wrong when you serve apple puree together with your meat, and Longplay did exactly just that for their pork collar - a killer combination of sweet and savoury, with those crumbs adding a bit of crispy texture to the entire dish.

Chipirones Rellenos ($18)

Longplay (Bugis) - Chipirones Rellenos

Longplay (Bugis) - Chipirones Rellenos

Squid stuffed with chorizo, apple and caramelised onions served on pea puree, finished with saffron butter.

You could almost taste how good this is by just looking at the photos and the ingredients that went into this dish. A MUST-ORDER.

Arroz Con Pato ($24)

Longplay (Bugis) - Arroz Con Pato Duck Confit

The Arroz Con Pato is a dish with confit duck leg served with rice that is cooked with coriander and stout. Despite the seemingly simple ingredients, this dish was incredibly complex. It was an explosion of flavours when you pair the tender duck meat together with the fluffy, fragrant stout rice. Try it to believe it. 

With such an incredible ambience and a plethora of wonderful food, Longplay is a very intimate, cozy place for you to bring your date or a couple of close friends to on a Friday/Saturday night out. It can get crowded on weekends, so it's best if you reserve a table in advance with Chope!

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Longplay (Bugis) - Late night bar


4 Haji Lane/ 33 Arab Street
Singapore 189197
Nearest MRT Station: Bugis
Tel: +65 6291 3323
Opening Hours: 

Wed - Sun: 4:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Make an online reservation for Longplay with Chope! Click here to "chope" your table hassle-free!

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