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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

UberEATS Singapore

If you haven't heard, UberEATS has just recently launched in Singapore.

And, as part of their launch phase, they are offering a few promo codes for all first-time users of UberEATS.

Well, guess what? I PAID $0 for my first meal. You read that right. I got a FREE MEAL from UberEATS. 

UberEATS Receipt

Want to redeem your free meal? First, you have to satisfy these 2 conditions:

1. Your delivery destination is to one of these places: Central Business District, Tanjong Pagar, Orchard or River Valley.
2. You have NEVER ordered from UberEATS.

If you satisfy these 2 conditions, you are in for a free meal! Just follow these steps:

1. Order up to $25 worth of food from a single restaurant. 
2. Enter promo code "UBEREATSSG" for $15 off your first order.
3. Enter another promo code "eats-joeyc4217ue" for another $10 off.

At this point, a notification *might* pop up showing this error:

UberEATS error

The current total on your app *might* only show the latest discount that is applied to your order. DO NOT FRET ON THE AMOUNT SHOWN ON YOUR SCREEN. Just tap "Checkout".  

Once your food arrives, check your email receipt and you should have paid ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for your first order, just like mine:

UberEATS Receipt

In case you are fretting over the choices, I ordered from YOLO and it was pretty damn good. I felt like it tasted even better because it was FREE.

Liquid Yoga

YOLO - Liquid Yoga

Miso Salmon

YOLO - Miso Salmon

You can thank the Evilbean now. Wink emoji

This free meal will expire in two weeks time on 30 June 2016. 

UberEATS - Proving that there is really such a thing as a free lunch.

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