[Duxton] Weekend Food Adventure Without Breaking Your Wallet!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Food around Duxton in Singapore

You know the usual lament - "Singapore is sooooooooooo boring! What else can we do but watch movies, eat or go shopping?" Well, why not make that EAT aspect more fun by having a mini food adventure?

If you have gotten the Entertainer App, you can have your own little food and drinks adventure around the Duxton area without having to break your wallet, thanks to all the 1-for-1 offers on the app!

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Print out this guide/save it/memorise it or simply just tag and share this post with your friends and let them do all the logistics and footwork. Whoever has the Entertainer App is the king/queen, right? Wink Emoji

#1 Stop - Wine Mansion 

Wine Mansion Singapore Map

Start your adventure with this epic lychee sparkling wine.

Gancia Romino Lychee Prosecco (Italy) ($42 for takeaway)

Wine Mansion - Gancia Romino Lychee Prosecco (Italy)

If you are a fan of sweet wines or champagnes, this would flutter your heart.

Wine Mansion - Gancia Romino Lychee Prosecco (Italy)

Pleasantly sweet and delicate, the flavour of lychee does a little tap-dance on your tongue as you take your sips, reinvigorating you for the food that is to come next.

Use your Entertainer app for a 1-for-1 mains offer.

Fried Chicken with Kimchi Yoghurt Sauce ($18)

Singapore Wine Mansion - Fried Chicken with kimchi yoghurt sauce

I loved how the skin was fried to 100% crispiness and they were still able to maintain the tenderness and moisture of the chicken meat. What made this dish stood out from the rest was that special Kimchi Yoghurt sauce. The fusion was nothing short of genius - the sour-spicy flavours helped to balance out the possible lethargy you might feel from eating too much of the fried skin. I devoured this plate of awesomness.

Beef Koftas ($16)

Singapore Wine Mansion - Beef Koftas

This is their Beef Koftas with chickpea puree, garlic tomatoes and fried onion. Beef Koftas are usually served in skewers, but Wine Mansion decided to make it into a huge ball. It was pretty good, but I am a staunch advocate of firm balls. This ball was soft and loose, crumbling into a million minced meat pieces on your first bite.

(Do note that this was a tasting portion, the actual one has more than one balls)

Wine Mansion Singapore at 20 Keong Saik Road

Wine Mansion @ Keong Saik Road

20 Keong Saik Road, 
Singapore 089217
Nearest MRT Station: Outram Park
Tel: +65 6225 4468
Opening Hours: 

Mon - Fri: 12:00 PM - 2:30 PM, 5:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Sat: 5:00 PM - 12:00 AM
*Closed on Sundays*

 #2 Stop - Praelum

Singapore Map - Praelum Wine Bistro

After teasing your bellies with sweet lychee wine and some food, take a 5-6 minutes stroll to Praelum for your second stop - Praelum Wine Bistro.

Duxton Singapore - Praelum Wine Bistro

I'll admit it - I have never seen those wine dispenser before. It was such an interesting sight! I was so tempted to press these things to see how it works, but I controlled my inner child from doing it. 

Duxton Singapore - Praelum Wine Bistro

I did not manage to get a nice photo of the red wine, but you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO TRY THEIR "Bodegas Lealtanza Crianza 2011" (red wine). As a predominant white wine drinker, I was blown away by the aromatic smoky and cedar notes of this red wine. It did not have a single ounce of "siapness", and was so smooth to drink. It was so smooth, I thought friction did not exist on Earth.

I highly recommend that you try it.

Salmon-En-Croute ($32)

Praelum Wine Bistro - Salmon-En-Croute

Salmon loin, dill-tarragon butter, wholegrain mustard and puff pastry make up this pastry-pie-looking-thing. Buttery and flaky, this is a dish that will be well loved by almost everyone.

Tarte Flambée ($20)

If a pizza and a crepe had a baby, it would be this. Thin slices of bread dough with creme fraiche, onions, bacons and a sunny-side up that oozes its contents all over. I just felt that they should have added some cheese and a few other spices to jazz the flavours up a little.

Pork Parcels ($27)

Praelum Wine Bistro - Pork Parcels

Portobello, cream cheese, bacon, tomato-basil dressing and apple chutney make up this Pork Parcels and let me tell you this: THIS IS HEAVENLY. LIKE REALLY REALLY GOOD. 

Imagine biting into the firm portobello and have the bacon and cream cheese spill out in your mouth, quickly pleasuring your savoury senses. Then, the apple chutney rides into the scene with its sweet, fruity flavour, accompanied by the tomato and basil. It felt as if I just experienced a wonderful symphony.

I gave this a #5evilbeans on my Instagram. IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD. 

Duxton Singapore - Praelum Wine Bistro

Praelum Wine Bistro

4 Duxton Hill,
Singapore 089590
Nearest MRT Station: Outram Park
Tel: +65 6238 5287
Opening Hours: 

Mon - Fri: 12:00 PM - 1:00 AM
Sat: 5:00 PM - 1:00 AM
*Closed on Sundays*

#3 Stop - MEATliquor Singapore

Singapore Map - MEATliquor SINgapore

End off your mini food adventure at MEATliquor SINgapore. 

Duxton - MEATliquor SINgapore

The funky, relaxing vibe here makes you feel like it is Saturday night eternally.

Evilbean Singapore Blogger at MEATliquor
"Get your liquor behind the bar. Geddit?"

Tequila & Rosemary ($19), Pina Colada ($19), Estrella ($14)

MEATliquor SINgapore - Tequila & Rosemary, Pina Colada, Estrella

Go for the Estrella, which will be a perfect pairing for these usual grub!

Buffalo Wings ($15) 

MEATliquor SINgapore - Buffalo wings

Dead Hippie ($22)

MEATliquor SINgapore - Dead Hippie

If you are one of those anti-hipsters person, you can have this Dead Hippie Burger from MEATliquor to relieve some of your hatred. Made with mustard-fried beef patty, dead hippie sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and minced white onion, this double-patty burger is, according to them, "our own version of Big Mac, but better! "

Duxton - MEATliquor SINgapore

MEATliquor SINgapore

99 Duxton Rd, 
Singapore 089543
Nearest MRT Station: Outram Park
Tel: +65 6221 5343
Opening Hours: 

Mon - Thu: 5:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Fri - Sat: 5:00 PM - 1:00 AM
*Closed on Sundays*

Plan your food adventures around the Entertainer app and enjoy a fun day out without burning a hole in your pocket. Who says Singapore is boring?

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