A.R.C Coffee - The Coffee Cafe with the Cutest Condiment Dip!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A.R.C Coffee - Best Coffee Cafes in Singapore

You must have clicked on this blog post expecting to read some bad reviews about this cafe. 

Well, they really did have the most "giam siap" (stingy) condiment dip ever, but in a cute way, because just look at how adorable that cover photo turned out to be! 

Cute Pinch Cheeks gif

In fact, there are a couple of good things about A.R.C Coffee that will definitely entice all avid cafe-hoppers to make a trip down:

1. Go to Penang without actually going to Penang

I raved about Penang the last time I went over there. Besides their cheap and good cafes, they also have many of those iconic murals that decorated the entire town. If you haven't been to Penang, no fret. Just make a trip down to A.R.C Coffee to experience a slice of Penang, without actually going to Penang! 

Right outside of the cafe is a huge, picturesque mural that was drawn by Mr Yip Yew Chong, who was inspired by his recent trip to Penang. The fun about taking photos with murals, is that you get to unleash your own creativity and show off how you want to interact with the elements inside the painting.

Singapore Mural at Sultan Gate

Since I am an Evilbean, I just HAD TO grab myself a handful of those (coffee) beans for that "bean-ception".

Evilbean Singapore Top Food Bloggers

When you have had enough fun with the mural, head inside the cafe for your air-con, food and coffee.

A.R.C Coffee Singapore - Interior and Ambience

2. They have Champion Baristas

You know that the cafe is serious about their coffee when you see a whole rack of colourful latte cups creatively stacked and arranged in a row.

A.R.C Coffee Singapore - Interior Design with Latte Cups

Cafe Latte ($5), Cafe Mocha ($5.50)

A.R.C Coffee Singapore - Cafe Latte

A.R.C Coffee Singapore - Cafe Latte

At A.R.C, they roast their own coffee beans at a mini roastery room. Again, further proof that they are seriously serious about their cuppa. 

Besides, if you are lucky, you might get Ms Andrea Tan, Champion of Singapore National Brewers Cup 2015, or Mr John Ryan Ting, Champion of Singapore National Barista Championships 2008, 2009, 2015, as your barista. CHAMPION OKAY.

The blend that we had on our visit was smooth, but slightly acidic, for the latte. The mocha was better, probably because the chocolate helped balance out the acidity. I have a feeling they intended their coffee to have these fruity, acidic notes. But really, most Singaporeans just like their coffee STRONG, chocolate + nutty notes and zero acidity. We are still not that complex to appreciate fruity, floral and acidic notes in our coffee.

Truffle Fries ($11.80)

A.R.C Coffee Singapore - Truffle Fries

The truffle fries here receive so much love from the cheese, every single strand was coated with them! If you want to know what love feels like, then go and try out their truffle fries

We asked for chilli to go along with the truffle fries. But what came later shocked us both.

3. That Small Adorable Condiment Dip

Instead of coming in a saucer, the chilli came in the SMALLEST CONDIMENT METAL CONTAINER EVER.

A.R.C Coffee Singapore - Condiment Dip

At first, we thought: "WHAT? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?" 

Trust me when I say this is enough if you are just dipping your fries. It is a different case if you like to drown your fries in chilli sauce. This kind they probably have to serve you a huge metal pail or something.

Big Metal Pails

Ray's Ben ($19.80)

A.R.C Coffee Singapore - Ray's Ben

I have eaten countless eggs benedict. This was unfortunately, just average for me. I had high hopes for this, but sadly, the hollandaise sauce was just too light and wasn't rich enough to give you that adrenaline rush when you pair it with the poached eggs. 

The 8-hour slow braised pulled pork was a little salty. The potato wedges did not have that satisfying crunch. This dish could have been so much better if they had put more effort into it.

The Ruru Mian ($18.80)

A.R.C Coffee Singapore - The Ruru Mian

Their Ruru Mian is named after their Designer who has an everlasting love affair with this dish. This is basically just prawn aglio olio with fresh basil. Despite its simple ingredients, it was wonderfully done. I loved how they spammed garlic, pepper and chilli on their pasta, which is served al dente. I gave this a #4evilbeans rating on my Instagram

Here's their menu if you are interested:

Singapore Cafe A.R.C Coffee - Menu

Singapore Cafe A.R.C Coffee - Menu

Overall, the ambience was nice, the mural outside their cafe was interesting, and the service was friendly. Although the coffee and food can be better, they were still above average. 

I will definitely visit this cafe again, in the hope of having the national champion prepare my coffee...

Cafe Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):

Singapore cafe A.R.C Coffee - Sultan Gate

A.R.C Coffee

29/31 Sultan Gate, 
Singapore 198477
Nearest MRT Station: Bugis
Tel: +65 6291 6863
Opening Hours: 

Tue - Fri: 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM
Sat - Sun: 10:30 AM to 9:30 PM

Closed on Mondays

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  1. lol.. my frens and i ban this cafe after our first visit there. service was bad, got aircon like no aircon, serving was damn pathetic, and the food were just average. :|

  2. Hi Dennis,

    Sure thing, go ahead! :)


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