Food Review - McDonald's Spicy Challenge Burgers: Flaming Green Curry and Sizzling Citrus

Thursday, April 03, 2014

McDonald's has laid down the challenge for Singaporeans: HOW HOT CAN YOU GO? Because I am trying to be as awesome as Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, I always say "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!" when I am challenged. 

"Go bungee jumping!" CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

"Eat 20 nuggets on your own!" CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

"Go touch a cockroach!" NO. 

"Spicy challenge on the burgers?" CHALLENGED ACCEPTED.

McDonald's Spicy Challenge Setting 2

McDonald's Spicy Challenge Setting

When I arrived at the venue for the sneak preview tasting, I was surprised by the table setting. Rarely do you see McDonald's have such pretty table setting! These spices in front of us also set up the mood for the SPICY challenge. 

We were first told that there are two new burgers that will be coming out on April 3rd, each of different level of spiciness. Some bloggers who couldn't stomach McSpicy were shivering when we were told that McSpicy is only Level 2. 

So basically:

Levels of Spiciness

We were given a slip of paper to indicate HOW HOT WE CAN GO. I laughed, and gamely circled the Level 3.


And then it finally arrived. 

Flaming Green Curry Burger - Level 3

Flaming Green Curry

Flaming Green Curry Burger

The Flaming Green Curry burger contains: a succulent green curry whole muscle chicken with spicy lemongrass and coconut sauce, crunchy whole leaf lettuce and a split corndust bun. The first 2 bites you will feel: "Okay leh, nothing much what. Evilbean bluff us." 

Then, when you start to go for the third bite, you WILL feel the effect. The familiar Thai spiciness spreads to your face and to the top of your head. The taste feels like curry Tom Yum you eat in Thai restaurants - spicy, but shiok! The patty is also really really juicy! If you can take curry Tom Yum, you can challenge Level 3 straight away, you will like it. I give the Flaming Green Curry burger a taste rating of:

  (4 evilbeans out of 5)

After taking on the Level 3 burger, I had the Level 1 Sizzling Citrus. Level 1?! HAH.

Sizzling Citrus Burger - Level 1

Sizzling Citrus

Sizzling Citrus Burger

The Sizzling Citrus Burger contains: a tender spiced whole muscle chicken topped with vibrant green chili and lime sauce, layered with whole leaf lettuce and a split corndust bun. This one seriously no kick for me, but one of my friend was tearing because she cannot take spicy stuff. 

Taste-wise, the patty is slightly more dry, and the citrus taste is a tad too much. I felt like it was as if they just squeeze lime juice on top of the patty. It was pretty normal for me. I give the Sizzling Citrus Curry burger a taste rating of:

  (2.5 evilbeans out of 5)

Yuzu McFizz

Yuzu McFizz

This is also a new drink that is coming out together with the spicy burgers. This is Yuzu McFizz! Fans of Yuzu REJOICE! This goes really well with these range of spicy burgers because it is just so refreshing. Coke makes you bloated and Sprite taste too sweet. This is just nice, and I hope it doesn't go away so fast. 

If you are looking for a burger to burn your tongue, McDonald's is not that evil yet. YET. *hint hint*. Now go accept McDonald's challenge and see HOW HOT CAN YOU GO. Hashtag #mcdhowhotcanyougo on Instagram or Twitter to show the world your spicy level!

And thank you McDonald's and Omy blog club for the invite!

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