Food Review - McDonald's Level 4 Burger: Fiery Mala

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Level 4 - Fiery Mala Burger

I am actually blogging this in the toilet right now. Yes, I just had McDonald's Spicy Challenge Level 4 Burger: Fiery Mala.

Selfie in Toilet

But before we get to that...

McDonald Spicy Challenge Setting

McDonald Spicy Challenge Setting 2

This time, the Level 4 burger launch event was held at a bigger scale @ JEM. Not only were the restaurant prettily decorated in red, the public, media and bloggers were also asked to dress in "Spicy Red". We all thought Chinese New Year was coming when we entered the event venue! Just look at the amount of people in the McDonald restaurant.

Throngs of People

Then, suddenly, I felt that the whole restaurant was almost claustrophobic. That was when we were surprised by these 2 (fat) Muttons from 987fm who were there at the event as well! We were super ecstatic - "Eh later die die must take photos with them ar!"

Muttons at the Event

After some games and activities, FINALLY, the Level 4 Fiery Mala Burger was officially launched by The Muttons. 

Level 4 - Fiery Mala Burger (2)

Level 4 - Fiery Mala Burger

Level 4 - Fiery Mala Burger (3)

This Level 4 Fiery Mala Burger consist of - a GRILLED chicken patty seasoned with chili, garlic, black pepper and capsicum, and then topped with chargrill sauce for additional peppery flavour. 

Taste wise, the chicken patty taste really good because it is grilled. Grilled chicken are the juiciest and the most tender as compared to frying and other cooking options. The chili oil is also marinated and absorbed into the patty, giving the chicken a nice flavourful kick to it. 

In terms of spiciness, it is a 50/50. Most of the girls that attempted this Level 4 burger died at this stage and could not finish the burger. One of my friend described it as a "burning, painful sensation" on their tongue. The guys that were there for the event said they can challenge even higher. For me, I felt that the black pepper flavour is slightly overwhelming, to the point that it is almost as if someone is pouring black pepper on my tongue. The apt name for this burger should be Black Pepper Burger instead, since there is just a slight hint of the Mala spiciness to it. Therefore, this Level 4 burger gets a spiciness rating of 3evilbeans from me.

HOWEVER, do not underestimate its laosai power like I did. This is why I am blogging this in the toilet. Although you can take the spiciness on your tongue, your intestines might not be able to take it - it's powerful. If you are attempting to eat this, be sure to go to a McDonald outlet that is nearby your house, because you will laosai. And it's very unethical to bomb in public toilet. 

Taste Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):   (4)

Spiciness Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans)  (3)

Laosai Rating: Within 2-3 hours after consumption.

Before I end off, I would really like to thank McDonald's for the really awesome launch event. Not only did we get a cool certificate as proof for conquering the Level 4 burger, we also had gift vouchers and a #mcdhowhotcanyougo T-shirt! I am really touched by their gesture of personally hand-writing all our names on the cert instead of just printing it out! Had a lot of fun and it was great catching up with you all my blogger friends!

Spicy Challenge Level 4 Certificate

Photobooth with Bloggers

Goodies from the Event

Now go NTUC buy toilet paper first, then go McDonald challenge their Level 4 Fiery Mala burger. Hashtag #mcdhowhotcanyougo to show the world your spicy level! And follow me on Instagram @ Evilbean if you would like to see more of my food photos and my photo with the Muttons!

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  1. My wife and I were one table over from you I believe.

  2. You can also ask for the burgers without a bun which is perfect for us as my girlfriend prefers not to have the bun however the bun is quite tasty, Food Truck Catering


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