Event: McCafe Coffee Appreciation Workshop

Monday, May 12, 2014

After seeing how bad I laosai-ed from their spicy burgers, McDonald's finally invited me to something different - a coffee appreciation workshop! I stashed all my toilet paper into my storeroom and went to this event excitedly.

When I arrived, I was assigned to my super friendly and cute barista for the day - Levina. She currently makes latte art at McDonald's JEM restaurant, so do say hi to her if you are at that outlet! She took my order for a hot latte, and as I haven't tried before coffee from McCafe, I was pretty curious about the taste. 

And then, my first cup of coffee for the event arrived!

First cup of McCafe Latte

I don't know why I always get a cat for my latte art when I go for events (Refer to this entry). WHY AR? I LOOK LIKE CAT MEH? But this cat is super cute, I like!

In terms of the coffee taste, the McCafe blend is a balanced 100% Arabica espresso with wood notes and hints of chocolate and nuts. It really boils down to personal coffee preference, but for me, the coffee taste was a little light as I prefer richer-bodied coffee. They use the Farmhouse brand for their milk, but I prefer the Pura brand for my latte because Pura's milk has a creamier taste when frothed. However, the baristas are extremely skilled and all the coffee had awesome cremas, making every cup a perfect canvas for cute, amazing latte art.

If you do not understand a single thing in my previous paragraph (in other words, "HUH? Wth is Evilbean talking about?"), and you love coffee, then your eyes will light up in what I am about to say: McCafe is going to launch a series of complimentary/FREE COFFEE APPRECIATION WORKSHOPS for youths! FREE. OMG. #auntiebean

Do you know how much does a typical barista workshop in Singapore cost? 

Barista Workshop Price

Even with Groupon discount, it is $158. But this one, FREE. And you get to learn all about coffee: from the history of coffee to handling the coffee machine to trying out first-hand coffee preparation! Trust me when I say the Coffee Appreciation Workshops will be damn fun. How fun? Let's go back to this event that I attended.

We were first introduced to the workshop by Mr Hilmi Mohamed, who is the McCafe Master Trainer for McDonald's Singapore and has over 10 years of experience! Super impressive profile!

Barista Leader of McCafe

After the introduction and some cheers to raise the energy level in the restaurant, we were asked to draw a picture that best represents ourselves. This is what I drew:

Evilbean with McCafe

Yeap, that's the Evilbean. CUTE RIGHT. After laughing at each other's drawings, we were then treated to a performance by our baristas on how they create their latte art. Just look at her pro-ness.

Performance 1

Performance 2

Performance 3

This is the first form of latte art called the free-pouring. It requires level 999 coffee skills to be able to pour the milk into such a pretty-tulip shape, and she did it effortlessly. *Claps* But then, it doesn't stop there. She is going to perform the second form of latte art called the "etching". Guess what she's gonna etch out!

Etching Performance 1

Etching Performance 2


Final form

It's a SUPER CUTE BUTTERFLY OMG! You wish you can like/double-tap this photo already right! TOO CUTE TO DRINK IT! 

As if our jaw didn't drop enough, we were then treated to another performance of the latest trend in latte art - 3D. This was by Azizul, who is the Liang Court McCafe outlet Barista Leader. Again, guess what he is going to make!

3D Latte Art 1

3D Latte Art 2

3D Latte Art 3

3D Latte Art 4

Guessed it already?

3D Latte Art Final Form

It's a baby tiger posing cutely in your coffee cup! We were extremely awed by their talents, super entertained, and very excited to finally try making latte art on our own! I think I shed a tear when I saw my finished product...

Trying out Latte Art

Evilbean's Latte Art

With the guidance of Levina, the Evilbean created his FIRST EVER LATTE ART! This is a kind of joy that just radiates from your heart, that sense of wonderful accomplishment. You need to join the workshop to experience this happiness yourself!

Excited already? Here's the details on how to join the McCafe Coffee Appreciation Workshop: 

If you are between 16 to 35, you simply have to drop an email to promotions@sg.mcd.com 
Registration will take place from 18 August 2014 to 1 September 2014. The first two workshops will take place on 6 and 13 September, in conjunction with the school holidays, while the next two sessions are slated to take place in December 2014. 

As workshops are intentionally kept intimate at 6-10 people per session, there is actually limited spaces. Be kiasu a bit and mark down the registration dates on your calender, like McDonald's Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/mcdsg and follow my blog for updates on this FREE COFFEE WORKSHOP that is going to enrich your school holidays!

I really loved this event because it was SO MUCH FUN and engaging! I also made new friends and learnt a new skill-set of drawing latte art. 


Group Shot

If you are feeling down, or just looking for a place to chill, head down to McCafe and let the talented baristas brighten up your day with their amazing latte art! Also, with just an additional 70 cents, you can add your choice of syrup - Roasted Almond, Chocolate, or Caramel to customise your McCafe drink. Treat yourself to a sweet coffee treat, and your day will definitely be slightly sweeter with the additional coffee perk! You can also hashtag your McCafe coffee on instagram with #100dayslatteart and follow @McCafesg for more pretty latte art!

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