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Monday, March 10, 2014

300 Rise of an Empire Movie Poster

After 8 freaking years, 300 fans are finally treated to the prequel/sequel of naked man with 8-packs. But, you might ask: "The 300 handsome man all die already what! Is this a prequel? Or is this a movie about their spirits? Their ghosts fight in hell ar?"

300 Rise of an Empire movie still
Left armored guy: "OMG my nose is itchy HELP! TAKE MY HELMET OFF AND HELP ME SCRATCH PLEASE!" 

Movie Title - 300: Rise of an Empire

 Drama Icon + Action Icon (Drama + THIS.IS.SPARTAAAAAAA-ACTION!)






Okay, despite this being an action movie, it does have a plot. In 300, only the Spartans were featured. However, in this movie, the Athens are the main characters. It also gave a background as to how the bad guy Xerxes came about and why there was this war.


Just a fun fact: Xerxes was so fearsome, he had to film the entire movie alone. Okay, he had to film it alone because the complicated effects of making him a 10-foot giant. Therefore, his filming days were spent in a green-screen room ALONE with little to no interactions with the rest of the casts. POOR HIM.

Anyways, the events from both movies can be quite confusing. I was pretty confused about the timeline of the series of events when I was watching the movie. In order to prevent that for you, the Evilbean has drawn up a picture to illustrate the timeline of these 2 movies so that you can better understand the movie! 

300 movie timeline explanation

(Click on the picture to enlarge) 

Hopefully this timeline can let you have a better understanding about the whole thing. You can call this movie a prequel AND a sequel because it shows the events leading up to the war and also the things that happened after the 300 handsome 8-packs men were dead.

Review: The scenes are superbly gorgeous and magnificent. The throne the Persian King sits on, the pets the Persians keep and their castle are all something that will make your jaw drop. Just look at the throne Xerxes sits on.. so pretty!

Xerxes throne

I would give 5 evilbeans to the cinematography. The battle sequences are wonderfully shot and the graphics are sharp and clear. Also, the female antagonist, Artemesia, is a joy to watch because she is quite a badass. She also oozes charisma and anguish due to her scarred past. You will love her after the movie is over, trust me.

Just like Game Of Thrones (Incest queen Cersei in GOT is Queen Spartans in this movie), this movie also contains gore, violence and sex. The gore in this movie is endless; the blood just keeps splashing! The sex scene in this movie is quite unforgettable. NO I AM NOT A PERVERT, it is unforgettable because of the way they had sex. You would think that they are fighting with all the hair-pulling, slamming each other on the walls and table and the screams. That scene was pretty funny, the whole cinema was laughing! Once you have watched it, you will definitely agree with the Evilbean.

Also, this movie is mostly about the Athens and not the Spartans. Spartans, as we remember, are man who were raised as soldiers. They beat each other up for training. Therefore, their physique are bulkier and they look stronger. The Athens, on the other hand, are farmhands or traders who were forced to go into this war because they have to fight for their freedom. Therefore, they are not as fearsome looking as the Spartans. However, all of them still has 6 packs and they are always half-naked! So, ladies, there is less to grumble if your bf is asking you to watch this with him, at least you get to feast your eyes!

There is just one thing that bugs me though: there is a lot of slow-motion scenes. A.L.O.T. I am not exaggerating. Every single sword slice, explosion, slams etc, all of them are in slow-mo.  If all the slow-mo scenes were played at a normal speed, this movie will end in 60 minutes.

Nevertheless, 300: Rise of an Empire is still a great action movie that will entertain you for 103 minutes. Go in without high expectations and you will come out thoroughly entertained!

Stay back for: 300 is based on a graphic novel by Frank Miller. Stay back during the credits for the animated scenes of the movie in the style of the comic.

Rating (out of 5 Evilbeans):



The "god-king", Xerxes, is not dead yet. Guess we will have a trilogy of 300. I hope we do not have to wait for another 8 years though. I will be too old to take this kind of action movies by then.


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  1. Great review! I will be publishing mine in a few weeks when I relaunch my blog in April. I gave it the same score as you.

    1. Thank you Mitchell! Cool, give me a shoutout when you relaunch your blog!

  2. Did you think the blood looked super fake? I don't know why they felt the need to change the blood effects from the first one.

    1. Ohhh it looked super fake for sure. I don't know, but I am guessing it was for the 3D, blood in your face kinda thing?


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